USA flies drone attack against „planners“ of the IS militia in Afghanistan

In response to the deadly terrorist attack in Kabul, the United States attacked a local branch of the IS terrorist group in an air strike. The unmanned air strike in the Afghan province of Nangahar was „a planner“ from Isis-K, said the spokesman for the US central command Centcom. „According to the first signs, we […]


Germany – Vaccinated against Corona over a million

In the fight against the pandemic, the number is an important indicator: Over a million Germans have already received the first dose of corona vaccine. The vaccination rate is also increasing nationwide. There are, however, major differences between the federal states. The number of corona vaccinations in Germany has exceeded one million. The Robert Koch […]


Doctors and staff are missing – start of vaccination against Covid-19 in Italy is slow – today – 20-1

The vaccination campaign against the corona virus started just under a week ago in Italy. So far, the balance has been poor. Of the 470,000 available vaccine doses, around ten percent have so far been used. The authorities are nevertheless optimistic. Almost a week after the symbolic start of the corona vaccinations, Italy officially injected […]


Chinese vaccine against Covid-19 offers 79 percent protection – today – 20-1

With the pharmaceutical company Sinopharm, a manufacturer in China is now for the first time announcing details on the effectiveness of its corona vaccine. As the company announced, the vaccine should offer 79 percent protection against Covid-19. The publication of the data is an important step for the final approval of the vaccine, of which […]


„Senate should overrule veto“ – McConnell calls for mutiny against Trump – today – 20-1

A few days before the important runoff election in Georgia, the dispute between the US president and his party escalates. The powerful Senator McConnell openly calls for resistance to Trump’s veto. The gentleman in the White House accuses the Republicans of suicidal tendencies. The Republicans in the US Senate initially left it open whether they […]

Diego Maradona

Alleged fraud – Russian judiciary opens proceedings against Navalny – today – 20-1

The repression against Alexei Navalny continues to increase. Initially, the authorities in Moscow are demanding an immediate return of the Kremlin critic, now the judiciary is initiating fraud proceedings against him. „Putin seems to be hysterical,“ concludes Navalny. In Russia, pressure is growing on Kremlin critic Alexei Navalny. The investigative committee has opened a case […]