Biden warns of the Kabul attack in 24 to 36 hours

Online-PR: ... unsere digitale Pressearbeit im Internet hilft weiter...

Online-PR: … unsere digitale Pressearbeit im Internet hilft weiter… Before the final withdrawal of the troops, US President Biden considers it „very likely“ that there will be another attack. The situation at Kabul airport remains extremely dangerous. He also announced further retaliatory attacks. Meanwhile, the Taliban are in the process of establishing a government. After […]


Trump Attack on Democracy – FBI Calls on Witnesses „File Notes and Digital Media – today – 20-1

For weeks, US President Trump has been talking about election fraud and inciting his supporters more and more. After a rally in Washington there are chaotic scenes. Republican supporters forcefully invade the Capitol. The outrage is great – in both political camps. US President Donald Trump is likely to have chosen the timing of the […]


After the hacker attack on the USA – „friend“ Trump takes Russia in defense – today – 20-1

Since March there have been hacker attacks on facilities in the USA. For Foreign Minister Pompeo, Russia is to blame. US President Trump does not want to leave it that way. He criticizes that the attack is exaggerated. In addition, he brings another country into play as a mastermind. The incumbent US President Donald Trump, […]


Russia under suspicion – hackers attack US ministries – today 20-1

Apparently, American ministries and authorities have been targeted by alleged state hackers for months. They can fall back on a particularly effective weapon: special attack software from a company that protects the authorities. Hackers are reported to have attacked the Treasury, Commerce, and other US agencies. According to the Washington Post, hackers with connections to […]


Cyber attack on EU authorities – hackers get vaccine data from Biontech – today

Hackers have launched a cyber attack on the European Medicines Agency. The criminals also get documents on the corona vaccine candidate from the pharmaceutical companies Biontech and Pfizer. However, sensitive patient data should not be affected. In a hacker attack on the European Medicines Agency (EMA), data on the corona vaccine of the pharmaceutical companies […]

Corona pandemic, climate change, revitalization of the global economy: the heads of the G20 countries deal with the major construction sites at their video summit. One participant only seems to be interested in this to a limited extent. "Global effort" Corona pandemic dominates G20 summit After less than two hours Trump whistles on the G20 and goes golfing

Paris police suspended after attack on blacks – – today

A black man is said to have not worn a mask and attacked her. There are three French police officers on record. Video recordings show a completely different picture. The outrage over the case of police violence in France is great – also because the publication of such recordings could soon be a criminal offense. […]

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Young girl killed – rocket attack on US embassy in Iraq

Several missiles explode in Baghdad. The destination is the US embassy in the highly secured green zone of the Iraqi capital. But other parts of the city are also affected – and claim victims. One girl is killed and others injured. The Iraqi capital, Baghdad, was hit by several rocket attacks on Tuesday evening. The […]

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Farewell attack on Iran? – Mindless and unpredictable Trump asks about military options

Donald Trump has to leave the White House on January 20. He may leave a military conflict with Iran to his successor Joe Biden. After a new nuclear report casts doubt on Iran’s transparency, the president asks his advisors about attack options. Donald Trump is apparently considering waging war with Iran before leaving the White […]


US police prevent attack on voting center in 2020

The counting of the votes in the USA continues and it is close: In Pennsylvania, Trump is only about 20,000 ahead of Biden – 163,000 votes are still open. Two men from Virginia plan to use gun violence to stop such a count. Philadelphia police arrested two men with guns in their vehicle near the […]


Macron Says Support To Kurz Condemned „Obnoxious Terrorist Attack“

„We will defend our freedom and democracy,“ said Austria’s President Van der Bellen after the alleged attack in Vienna, while Chancellor Kurz switched on the army. Meanwhile, numerous states are already showing solidarity with Austria. „This is our Europe,“ says the French president and offers help. The attack in Vienna, which left several dead and […]

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Connection to attack in Nice? – Police kill attackers near Avignon

Shortly after an alleged Islamist attack in Nice in the south of France, police shot a man near the city of Avignon. According to investigators, he previously threatened passers-by with a gun. It is still unclear whether there is a connection between the acts. There has been an alleged Islamist attack on passers-by near the […]