Doctors and staff are missing – start of vaccination against Covid-19 in Italy is slow – today – 20-1


The vaccination campaign against the corona virus started just under a week ago in Italy. So far, the balance has been poor. Of the 470,000 available vaccine doses, around ten percent have so far been […]

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Reichsmarschall Göring hatte eine Märklin Modelleisenbahn >>> read more

Dramatic situation in Belgium – hundreds of doctors are working despite the corona infection


Because the corona crisis in Belgium is worsening dramatically, hundreds of doctors and nurses have to work despite the corona infection. They should also treat infected patients. In Switzerland, meanwhile, retired doctors are being reactivated. […]

Turkish doctors sound the alarm – Erdoğan government falsifies coronavirus infection statistics


The Turkish Medical Association has sharply criticized the recording of official corona cases in the country. “The government is manipulating Covid-19 statistics,” said Sinan Adiyaman of the association. The Turkish Health Minister Fahrettin Koca admitted […]