Covid-19 Delta Variant Widens Gulf Between Vaccinated and Unvaccinated

- Data Covid-19 USA — 

- Data Covid-19 USA — Data from over­seas, par­tic­u­lar­ly Britain, sug­gest the spread of the virus will set vac­ci­nat­ed and unvac­ci­nat­ed com­mu­ni­ties on very dif­fer­ent paths.

Citing the Delta Variant, Pfizer Will Pursue Booster Shots and a New Vaccine

- Data Covid-19 USA — Sci­en­tists were crit­i­cal of the announce­ment, point­ing to evi­dence that the cur­rent two-dose reg­i­men is pow­er­ful­ly effec­tive against the coronavirus.

Vaccine Maker Earned Record Profits but Delivered Disappointment in Return

Emer­gent BioSo­lu­tions was award­ed a $628 mil­lion fed­er­al con­tract with no com­pet­i­tive bid­ding. Top exec­u­tives received big bonus­es while fac­to­ries most­ly sat idle and tens of mil­lions of Covid-19 dos­es were thrown away.

U.S. Covid Vaccine Donations Will Go to ‘Wide Range’ of Nations

Latin Amer­i­ca, South and South­east Asia and Africa will be among the recip­i­ents of an ini­tial 25 mil­lion excess dos­es that the Biden admin­is­tra­tion is shar­ing this month.

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