How a Defunct Federal Provision Helped Pave the Way for New Voting Restrictions

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Curbs on drop boxes, tougher ID requirements and purges of voter rolls would have been weakened, or never even passed, if a federal oversight system had been in place. Online-PR: … unsere digitale Pressearbeit im […]

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After Decades of War in Afghanistan, ISIS and Al Qaeda Can Still Wreak Havoc


The U.S. and its allies waged war for 20 years to try to defeat terrorists in Afghanistan. A double-suicide bombing demonstrated that they remain a threat. Online-PR: … unsere digitale Pressearbeit im Internet hilft weiter…

Israel’s Spy Agency Snubbed the U.S. Can Trust Be Restored?


Israel’s new prime minister, Naftali Bennett, heads to Washington promising better relations and seeking support for covert attacks on Iran’s nuclear program.

The Real Winner of the Afghan War? It’s Not Who You Think.

Pakistan, nominally a U.S. partner in the war, was the Afghan Taliban’s main patron, and sees the Taliban’s victory as its own. But now what does it do with its prize?

Eager to Shift Narrative, Biden Team Puts Airlift in Historical Context

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In describing evacuation efforts, President Biden has referred to the Berlin airlift more than 70 years ago, in which food was flown into a city whose access had been choked off by the Soviet Union.

Afghan Refugees Find a Firm and Unfriendly Border in Turkey


Even before the last week’s harrowing scenes at the Kabul airport, thousands of Afghans were fleeing over land through Iran to Turkey. But they are being pushed back.

Turmoil Was Brewing at Time’s Up Long Before Cuomo

The prominent anti-harassment charity, criticized for its relationship with the former New York governor, is facing an identity crisis over its ties to those in power.