Why More People Are Getting Two Different Coronavirus Vaccines

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Several countries are allowing mix-and-match inoculation, which scientists hope will have benefits, and Chancellor Angela Merkel of Germany is among those to get it. Online-PR: … unsere digitale Pressearbeit im Internet hilft weiter…

Online-PR: ... unsere digitale Pressearbeit im Internet hilft weiter...

Virus Variants Threaten to Draw Out the Pandemic, Scientists Say

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Declining infection rates over all masked a rise in more contagious forms of the coronavirus. Vaccines will stop the spread, if Americans postpone celebration just a bit longer.

Europe’s Vaccine Ethics Call: Do No Harm and Let More Die?

Ethicists are worried about the gamble Germany took to halt AstraZeneca doses over seven cases of blood clots. It will not be the last time hard decisions are made in this pandemic.

India Approves Oxford-AstraZeneca Covid-19 Vaccine and 1 Other


The approvals, which include a shot developed by Bharat Biotech, an Indian pharmaceutical company, begin a vast campaign to inoculate the hard-hit nation’s 1.3 billion people.

How the US, UK and Canada Will Roll Out the Covid Vaccine 20-1

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Within days, all three countries could be giving the Pfizer-BioNTech vaccine, but they have varying strategies and challenges. The U.S. plan, working through the states, is the least centralized.