Vaccine Maker Earned Record Profits but Delivered Disappointment in Return

Emergent BioSolutions was awarded a $628 million federal contract with no competitive bidding. Top executives received big bonuses while factories mostly sat idle and tens of millions of Covid-19 doses were thrown away. Online-PR: … […]

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100 Million Vaccine Doses Held Up Over Contamination Concerns, Emergent Reveals


Executives from Emergent, which ruined millions of coronavirus vaccine doses, divulged to Congress the scope of the regulatory review of its troubled Baltimore plant. Online-PR: … unsere digitale Pressearbeit im Internet hilft weiter…

Emergent, Which Ruined Vaccine Doses, Gave Its Top Executives Bonuses


The government has so far paid Emergent BioSolutions $271 million, even though American regulators have yet to clear a single dose of vaccine produced at its manufacturing plant in Baltimore.

Troubled Vaccine Maker and Its Founder Gave $2 Million in Political Donations


Emergent BioSolutions faces scrutiny in Congress for ruining Covid-19 vaccines and securing lucrative federal contracts. Executives will appear before some lawmakers who benefited from the company’s spending.

How Emergent BioSolutions Put an ‘Extraordinary Burden’ on the U.S.’s Troubled Stockpile


The shortage of lifesaving medical equipment last year was a searing example of the government’s failed coronavirus response. As health workers resorted to wearing trash bags, one Maryland company profited by selling anthrax vaccines to […]