Military Ramps Up Evacuations From Kabul, but Bottlenecks Persist

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The Pentagon has increased the number of flights, but questions remain about whether the military can sustain the pace as the deadline to end the operation draws near. Online-PR: … unsere digitale Pressearbeit im Internet […]

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Eager to Shift Narrative, Biden Team Puts Airlift in Historical Context


In describing evacuation efforts, President Biden has referred to the Berlin airlift more than 70 years ago, in which food was flown into a city whose access had been choked off by the Soviet Union. […]

Biden Defends Evacuation as Thousands Besiege Kabul Airport

The president cited “significant progress’’ in getting Americans out of Afghanistan. But Afghans linked to U.S. troops and other Western groups fear being left behind.

Bill to Change How Military Prosecutes Felonies Faces Resistance


Senator Kirsten Gillibrand of New York has spent years building support for a measure to remove commanders from decisions about prosecuting sex crimes, but some colleagues now worry it goes too far.

Biden Sends Dueling Messages on Afghanistan


The administration has sought to reassure Americans that it is ending “forever wars” while signaling to Afghans that the U.S. is not abandoning the beleaguered country.

As the U.S. Pulls Out of Afghanistan, Kabul’s Airport Is a Final Stand


With the main allied military air base about to close, negotiations are underway with Turkey about continuing to secure the civilian airport as the Taliban advance across the country.