Touring the Border, Harris Asked Questions, and Had Few Answers

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Advocates pushed the vice president to end Title 42, a Trump-era rule that allows the government to expel migrants for public health reasons. Tags: suchen suche search tag anzeigen besucherzahl browser design domain inhalt jahr […]

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Vice President Harris Visits U.S.-Mexican Border

Biden says

After the vice president landed in El Paso, she responded to criticism by Republicans that she should have traveled to the U.S.-Mexico border earlier as part of her work addressing migration. Tags: suchen suche search […]

Homeland Security Will Assess How It Identifies Extremism in Its Ranks


The department that works to prevent domestic terrorism threats will conduct an internal review as part of a larger effort to combat extremist ideology in the federal government.

Biden Picks Trump Critic Chris Magnus to Run Border Agency

Chris Magnus, the Tucson police chief who carried a Black Lives Matter sign at a protest, was chosen to lead Customs and Border Protection.

‘Mommy, I Have Bad News’: For Young Migrants, Mexico Can Be the End of the Road


Thousands of young migrants, most from Central America, are making their way to the border, many hoping to meet parents in the United States. But for those caught in Mexico, there is only near-certain deportation.

Surge in Migrants Defies Easy or Quick Solutions for Biden

The administration expects more apprehensions at the border this year than at any point in the past two decades. Enacting policy to deal with the problems faces deep-rooted political and logistical challenges.

On Mexico’s Border With U.S.,Desperation as Migrant Traffic Piles Up

Corona pandemic, climate change, revitalization of the global economy: the heads of the G20 countries deal with the major construction sites at their video summit. One participant only seems to be interested in this to a limited extent. "Global effort" Corona pandemic dominates G20 summit After less than two hours Trump whistles on the G20 and goes golfing

Mexico is struggling to deal with a new wave of migrants expelled from the U.S. while even more come north hoping to cross. Shelters that were empty four months ago are now having to turn […]

Biden Administration Directs FEMA to Help Shelter Migrant Children

The agency will help provide basic care as criticism mounts over the treatment of the increasing number of young migrants who have filled detention facilities at the southwest border.

Trump Loyalists Across Homeland Security Could Vex Biden’s Immigration Policies


President Biden and his new secretary of homeland security are already facing resistance from immigration agents empowered by Donald J. Trump to take their gloves off.