Trump rages: Ex-Defense Secretary advises Biden to end “America First” – – today


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Trump Eyes
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Jim Mattis, President Trump’s Secretary of Defense from January 2017 to January 2019, hopes Joe Biden will remove “America First” from the national security strategy. In a comment for Foreign Affairs magazine, the longtime general of the US Marines wrote: “America First” means “America alone” “. That, under Trump, has hampered the country’s ability to address problems before they reach U.S. territory, exacerbating the risk of emerging threats. The US is currently “undermining the foundations of an international order”, according to Mattis, and the best strategy to ensure security and prosperity is to “strengthen US military strength with improved civilian instruments and a restored network of solid alliances” – both are necessary to get a thorough defense. “Trump reacted angrily to Mattis’ words and tweeted that he was the” most overrated general in the world. “” I should have fired him sooner, “the president continued.

Trump is preparing “big lawsuit”, wants to continue “fighting hard”
On Monday, Donald Trump announced via Twitter that they would “do what has to be done” to support Joe Biden’s transition team. In a tweet today, the US president again stated that he believed the election was stolen and that 79 percent of Trump voters believed this too. He is referring to a survey by the right-wing news website “Breitbart News”. Therefore, Trump announced, his team will “fight hard” and a “major lawsuit detailing all of the electoral fraud and much more will be closed soon.” Twitter marked the tweet as “controversial”.

Poland doesn’t want to congratulate Biden yet
Worldwide heads of state accept Joe Biden as the future US president, even Donald Trump’s resistance to the Democrat’s election victory seems to be crumbling. But the government in Warsaw does not want to recognize Biden as future president. Poland wants to wait and see how the political and legal situation in the United States develops, said Foreign Minister Zbigniew Rau. The minister noted that the actual election of the president would not take place until the electors met on December 14th. And lawsuits regarding the result are also possible until the inauguration on January 20. The national conservative government of Poland had found an important ally in Trump who, among other things, wanted to increase the number of US troops there.

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