Biden warns of the Kabul attack in 24 to 36 hours

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Online-PR: … unsere digitale Pressearbeit im Internet hilft weiter… Before the final withdrawal of the troops, US President Biden considers it „very likely“ that there will be another attack. The situation at Kabul airport remains extremely dangerous. He also announced further retaliatory attacks. Meanwhile, the Taliban are in the process of establishing a government. After […]


Republican Congratulates Biden on „Beginning of Vengeance“

Online-PR: … unsere digitale Pressearbeit im Internet hilft weiter… A Republican MP congratulated President Joe Biden following the US retaliatory attack on the local IS offshoot and alleged „planner“ of the terrorist attack on Kabul airport. „The blow against Isis-K is the beginning of revenge,“ writes Republican Congressman Adam Kinzinger after the attack on Twitter. […]


US President Biden threatens terrorists with retaliation

After the fatal attack near Kabul airport, US President Joe Biden threatens the terrorists responsible with retaliation. „We’ll hunt you down and make you pay for it,“ says Biden in the White House. The US military will conduct operations against the terrorist militia Islamic State (IS) responsible for the attack, he announced.

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Biden promises quick help to families in need

US President Joe Biden wants to accelerate corona aid for families in need and increase food aid for children who are dependent on food in the schools that are now often closed. He plans to sign two corresponding decrees later that day. Biden has proposed a $ 1.9 trillion stimulus package and is now trying […]

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Costa sabrina Panikmache Robin workshop – Republicans want respite – Trump impeachment could annoy Biden

Costa sabrina Panikmache Robin workshop A new era dawned in Washington with Biden’s assumption of office. But there is still another legacy of Trump: the impeachment process. The Republicans now want to postpone this. And anyway, it could still be a problem for the new president. After the euphoria about the assumption of office by […]


Biden castigates Trump as „irresponsible“ – today – 20-1

In a speech on questions of national security, the future US President Biden attacked his predecessor Trump vehemently: The fact that the Republican repeatedly sabotaged the handover was „completely irresponsible“. The future US President Joe Biden has violently attacked incumbent Donald Trump. In a speech he accused the Trump administration of blocking the handover. In […]

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Covid-19 package – Biden warns of blockade by Trump – today – 20-1

In fact, the Democrats and Republicans have agreed on a huge new Corona stimulus package of around $ 900 billion. But a last-minute objection from incumbent US President Trump blocks the decision – and according to Biden, could have „devastating consequences“. The elected US President Joe Biden has urged incumbent Donald Trump to put the […]


Bolsonaro congratulates Biden – today 20-1

Brazil’s far-right President Bolsonaro had hoped for a second term from Donald Trump. Now he too has to bow to the facts. As one of the last heads of state, he congratulates the future US President Joe Biden on his election victory. Later than many other heads of state and government, the Brazilian President Jair […]


Republican majority leader McConnell recognizes Biden election victory – today 20-1

Influential Senate majority leader Mitch McConell is one of the key political pillars for the political outsider Trump during the Trump presidency. Now he has recognized Joe Biden’s election and congratulated him during a speech. Six weeks after the US presidential election, the influential US Republican majority leader in the Senate, Mitch McConnell, recognized Democrat […]

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No deviants – Electors confirm Biden’s victory as president in 2021 – today 20-1

With confirmation from Electoral College, Joe Biden takes another important hurdle before moving into the White House. The handover of office can no longer be shaken – Donald Trump should also recognize this, recommends the future president. The votes of the electorate in the US states and the capital borough of Washington have confirmed the […]


Biden nominates Austin to head the Pentagon – today

US President-elect Biden nominates retired General Lloyd Austin as the new Secretary of Defense. Austin was the Middle East Forces Commander under ex-President Obama and retired in 2016. He would need special approval from the Senate for the post. Retired four-star General Lloyd Austin is said to be the first African American in history to […]