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US-Präsident Trump
Foto: Evan Vucci / dpa

Thousands of Trump supporters move to the Supreme Court. Familiar faces of the right whip them up. Many feel cheated out of winning the election. „The mood hasn’t been so charged since the Vietnam War,“ says one. There is anticipation on the train heading towards the capital. Some red-clad passengers get on at Wilmington, greet other occupants with Trump fan paraphernalia like old friends, toast and look for seats. Finally in Washington D.C. when they arrive, they move together to Freedom Plaza at the White House. The sky is blue, sellers are offering pretzels, the offer of two face and nose covers for $ 25 is clearly finding few buyers. Journeys „Don’t Stop Believing“ booms out of the boxes, flags are blowing in the wind, thousands have come. Festival mood. It will stay that way for most of the time, until some counter-demonstrators and Trump supporters clash in the early twilight. Stones, bottles and fists fly. The police arrested at least 20 people, four of them for violating the gun law. The clashes highlight the bitter conflict that is raging not just in the capital but across the country: Democrats and the media say Joe Biden has won. Many Republicans and Trump supporters don’t want to accept that. A small selection of t-shirts: Trump shows the middle finger, Trump as Rambo, „We the People are pissed off“ (We the people are pissed off), „Stop the Steal“, or just „Fuck your.“ feelings „, fuck your feelings.

Before the clashes, the protesters – US media speak of around 10,000, Trump of hundreds of thousands – had moved from the White House to the Supreme Court and spent several hours there. The police had cordoned off large areas of the city center for the march and also set up a ban zone for all firearms. Somewhere there is an African American clergyman with a rosary in hand and a „Black Lives Matter“ shirt. Lots of Trump fans eye him, but he blesses them. What is he doing here? „I pray for peace.“ Many followers have come from out of town because Washington D.C. 92.9 percent voted for Joe Biden himself. Trump’s supporters are rewarded for their arrival in Liberty Square in the morning. US President Donald Trump drives past in his limousine towards the golf course. The meeting point is filling up; At noon there is suddenly even more unrest in the crowd. Militiamen of the „Proud Boys“ pave the way for Alex Jones, the right-wing conspiracy theorist of the Infowars website. Some wear T-shirts that say „stand back and stand by“, so hold back and be ready. Trump said this in the first TV duel with Joe Biden about the „Proud Boys“ and triggered cheers among right-wing armed groups.

National anthem, prayers and „U-S-A!“

A singer starts the national anthem on the official stage and the crowd joins in. God should give those present strength for the coming weeks or even months, a clergyman prays through the microphone: „You know evil, oh Lord, we ask you to reveal the deception.“ While Alex Jones is singing „U-S-A“ and other chants a few meters away with a megaphone and a grating voice, Trump is declared by the clergyman to be the „last protector of our civilization“. Those present cheer. Then, on Jones’s command, they move to the Supreme Court.

Alex Jones runs the Infowars website.

The Supreme Court building is opposite the Congress, this is to show the power of the judiciary over the legislature. „I’m not a Trump fan, but for him, and he’s very popular,“ says someone who doesn’t want to give his name for professional reasons. All allegations of possible election fraud must be investigated. What if the investigation does not reveal anything decisive for the election? „I think a civil war is unlikely, but the atmosphere is more charged than it has been since the Vietnam War.“ A couple of counter-demonstrators approach and, as in a registry court, are heard by megaphone, which alleged family problems they may have had, that they are not for Trump. While the police intervened, another militia carefully observed the situation. Alex Jones has another appearance on the stage in front of the Supreme Court, followed by several conservative politicians who hold Trump up. “Four more years!” Calls for the crowd. There is great cheer when someone describes the way there: Biden would be deprived of the necessary electoral votes through recounts and in the end the House of Representatives would appoint Trump for a second term. The custom of the US media predicting a winner before the electors have determined it is also used as an argument against the big media.

Brian Bochicchio and Barbara Heard are still convinced that Trump will win the election.

Barbara Heard, one of the few with mouth and nose protection, also listens attentively. „The mainstream media and big tech don’t mention any of this because they’re afraid of losing,“ says the 62-year-old. „They’re all leaning to the left.“ Barbara Heard is self-employed, against abortion and illegal immigration. She thinks Trump did a great job: „I have more money in my pocket than five years ago.“ In addition, the new Conservative justices in the Supreme Court protected their interests. Do you think Trump will win at the end of all the legal battles? „Oh yes“, her companion Brian Bochicchio intervenes, there is evidence of election fraud, „but they still keep their gunpowder dry“.

„This is insane!“

„You will never be forgotten again“, it sounds from the stage: „You are the silent majority!“ The majority whites cheer. Even more so than a supposedly African American democrat sings eulogies for minutes to the president who has done so much for blacks and is by no means a racist. Shortly afterwards the event is over and most of them leave. A group of Chinese poses in blue hoodies that read „The New Federal Republic of China“ and chant Trump’s name. It is an initiative of right-wing puller and ex-White House adviser Steve Bannon. Together with the Chinese billionaire Miles Kwok, he proclaimed a democratic Republic of China under this name in June. On the billionaire’s ship, in front of the Statue of Liberty in New York City.

Are appalled by the behavior of the protesters: Jonas Reagan and Juanita Gray.

Many happy faces can be seen on the way back to the train station, except for two. „I get really sick,“ says Jonas Reagan. The 28-year-old lives in Washington D.C. and wanted to see what’s going on here; half an hour of the event was enough for him. His companion, an African American woman, holds a „Biden Harris“ sign in the air, and he wears appropriate mouth and nose protection. A van rushes by, the door opens and someone holds out the „Proud Boys“ hand signal as they drive past. It is something completely different to experience something like this personally, he says: „This is insane!“ While in other parts of the city the Trump opponents and supporters deliver their skirmishes, a group of Trump supporters is sitting at the train station. The three are waiting for their train back to the state of Delaware. „If you let it go and Trump loses,“ says one, „then I won’t vote anymore, even if that’s exactly what you want to achieve with it.“ Biden is said to have had more votes than ex-President Barack Obama? „Never“, the second shakes his head. In general, the election software company „Dominion“ is corrupt and there are many doubts about the result of the vote. Trump’s personal lawyer Rudy Giuliani made similar allegations against the voting machine manufacturer Smartmatic. The responsible supervisory authority and fact checker have refuted both allegations. All these doubts, which have been sown outside the mainstream media, feed the belief of Trump supporters that the election was „stolen“ from them. Emotions distort facts. Whatever the outcome, Trump remains „the best president in history since Abraham Lincoln“ for them. Biden may be the upcoming US president. But in the world of many protesters, Trump is the real election winner. Your concern is whether this will become official, or whether he and she will be betrayed together.

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