The tech giants strike back – Facebook and Instagram ban Donald Trump “indefinitely” – today – 20-1


Mark Zuckerberg, CEO and founder of Facebook, announced in a post on his platform that the social media giant is banning President Trump for an indefinite period. “We believe that if the president can continue […]

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Friends enemies election chances – the virus alone will not throw Donald Trump out of the white house- This News is powered Google News, thanks


Click – FWN.TODAY Wild speculation about what Trump’s coronavirus contagion will mean for the US election is just a lot of ado about the same facts. For some, Trump is a failure. For the others […]

Tired but in good spirits – Donald Trump receives experimental antibody cocktail – Is the president dying and the world caring?

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Synthetic antibodies, zinc, vitamin D, melatonin, famotidine, remdisivir and aspirin – medical professionals want to contain the coronavirus infection of Donald Trump with a whole range of drugs. The US president does not need additional […]