Executions and pardons – Trump’s final stumbling block


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Since the lost presidential election, the Trump administration has been creating facts in their favor. In terms of domestic and foreign policy, Trump is taking a tough course and putting people, nature and dialogues at risk. Above all, he wants to prevent Joe Biden from overturning his legacy and the course of the United States – as he tried to do with the policies of his predecessor Barack Obama. Trump’s term ends today the moment Biden is sworn in. Here are the most important decisions the Republican has made since November that have made it difficult for his successor to take office as president.


Tougher asylum rules

Just under a week ago, Trump visited part of the wall erected by his administration in Texas on the border with Mexico, which he sees as the greatest achievement of his tenure. In December, the outgoing US president launched a regulation that severely restricts access to asylum in the United States. Trump’s latest crackdown on immigration included changes to the asylum criteria and should lock out even more migrants at the border. Immigration judges and asylum officers were instructed by the ordinance to largely reject applications based on domestic violence or gang violence. Human Rights Watch called the move the „final insult and injury to refugees by the Trump administration“.

Change of power in Washington Trump says goodbye with a promise

A few days before the planned start of the restrictions on January 11, a federal judge barely prevented the government from implementing the rules, which Biden could only have reversed in a slow process. The future president had recently said that he wanted to pursue a „more humane policy“ at the US borders, but that his administration would „probably need the next six months“ to reverse Trump’s restrictions and rebuild a fair system.

Contact with Taiwan

With one of his favorite enemies, China, Trump once again embarked on a powerful confrontation course in his final weeks as US president. Washington overturned restrictions on diplomatic contacts with Taiwan, which amounted to a provocation; Beijing regards the island nation as a breakaway province, even though it has never been part of the People’s Republic, and expects diplomatic partners not to maintain contact with Taipei.

Trump’s farewell to power Oppold: „Will experience undignified departure“

„The United States government took these (restrictive) measures unilaterally to appease the communist regime in Beijing,“ said US Secretary of State Mike Pompeo. „Not anymore.“ The „New York Times“ ruled on this decision in its online edition that Trump was „approaching a shameful end“ and that Pompeo was leaving Biden with „scorched earth“. China’s government responded promptly and, in turn, imposed sanctions on US officials.

New sanctions against China

Trump, who waged an unsuccessful trade war with the People’s Republic for four years, tightened his course against China with new sanctions. His government imposed financial sanctions on Chinese officials for their role in the expulsion of elected pro-democracy representatives in Hong Kong and blacklisted dozens of companies; These companies are banned from purchasing US goods and technology because of alleged military connections.

Political veteran facing big challenges Biden has experience inheriting from crises

Recently, Trump also announced the goal of „minimizing the procurement of goods and services by the People’s Republic of China,“ said National Security Advisor Robert O’Brien, to protect the interests of the United States. The US President’s steps are seen as an attempt to cement his tough stance on Beijing in order to hand over his unsolved China problem to Biden in an escalated manner. The new president is also not in favor of a cuddle course with the People’s Republic, but wants to seal off the USA far less.

Corona aid not extended

Treasury Secretary Steven Mnuchin ended December 31, 2020, the emergency loan programs that the US Federal Reserve used to maintain the flow of credit to small and medium-sized businesses, non-profit organizations, states and local governments to help them survive the Corona economic crisis. The Democrats sensed an act of sabotage by the Trump administration to give Biden an even more difficult position. In order to restart the corona aid, the Senate and House of Representatives are currently trying to pass a Covid-19 package for economic aid amounting to 900 billion US dollars.

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