200 iPads for gun licenses – Apple managers allegedly bribed the police – – today


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The story sounds a bit adventurous, but it could end quite unadorned for Apple’s security chief: in prison. The employee of the US company is said to have tried to get four weapons licenses for 200 iPads. His defense holds against it: “Tom Moyer is innocent.” iPads against gun licenses: The security chief of the US technology company Apple has been charged with allegations of bribery. Thomas Moyer is said to have tried to get weapons licenses for four Apple employees with 200 tablet computers, as the prosecutor of the California district of Santa Clara said. In the case, two police officers were charged in addition to Moyer.

The two police officers had urged Moyer to promise to donate 200 iPads to the sheriff’s office, worth almost $ 70,000, the prosecutor said. In return, they wanted to issue withheld licenses for four Apple employees to conceal firearms. The deal was called off at the last minute in August 2019 after Moyer and one of the police officers learned of a search warrant for the sheriff’s office, according to the prosecution. In the indictment, Moyer is accused of bribery and the two police officers of bribery. A trial date has been set for January 11th. Moyer’s attorney denied the allegations against his client. “Tom Moyer is innocent.” Apple offered to donate iPads. And Apple applied for gun licenses. “But these two things are not related.” It was not a barter deal. Moyer was rather “collateral damage” in a “long, bitter and very public dispute” between the sheriff of Santa Clara and the district attorney.

One of the police officers and an insurance broker were also charged on separate charges. It should also have been a gun license – and VIP tickets for an ice hockey game worth $ 6,000.

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