The sons distribute – the Trump clan fights for itself if necessary


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Trump Clan

US President Donald Trump identified massive electoral fraud against himself and hardly any prominent politician stood up for him. Instead, it is his sons who lash out all the harder. It is noticeable who is silent from the family. If the president cannot complain about the lack of support from his own party at this critical moment in the US election, at least his son can. „The absolute inactivity of virtually everyone who is looking to run for the Republican presidential candidacy in 2024 is pretty amazing. They have the perfect stage to show they are willing and able to fight, but they bow to the media mob a „wrote Donald Trump Junior on Twitter on Thursday evening. In fact, to date no prominent Republican had backed Trump’s fraud allegations. But the son’s admonition sat: „Daily Beast“ observed that 20 minutes later the Republican Senator Tom Cotton from Arizona, like Trump, demanded that only legal votes be counted. Rick Scott, Senator from Florida, put it similarly. Texas Senator Ted Cruz circulated a video showing a man allegedly banned from watching the Pennsylvania count.

Most Republicans are silent The more Trump rages, the more lonely he looks

By Friday morning, Vice President Mike Pence, Senate Justice Committee Chairman Lindsey Graham, and Senate Majority Leader Mitch McConnell also spoke. They all called for a lawful count. They did not endorse the claim that there was massive fraud. „The spineless Republican Party is gone, and anyone who doesn’t fight should go with it,“ said 42-year-old Donald Junior. His six-year-old brother Eric also toured the media and Twitter and accused all reticent Republicans of either lacking backbone, lack of guts or ingratitude. Both sons, who work for dad’s company – the Trump Organization – were on par with their father in their violent tone. Because others don’t, the family has to jump to the side of their head all the more resolutely. It is noticeable that not everyone is so passionate about it. Melania Trump hadn’t given the impression in the past four years that her heart was attached to her husband’s office. Trump’s alleged favorite child Ivanka Trump and her husband Jared Kushner were all the more at the center of everything that was happening in the White House. During the election campaign, Ivanka had campaigned for her father with many public appearances, and did so successfully: She attracts as crowds among Trump fans as the president. She thus fulfills the role of the first lady, which her stepmother did not want or could not fulfill.

But now: silence. After the election, she once again praised her dad’s political achievements on Twitter and Instagram. For a long time, however, she did not comment on the allegations of fraud. She did not even pass on a reference to her father’s fundraising for the announced wave of lawsuits or the link to the page on which indications of election fraud can be reported. On Friday at noon she finally found on Twitter that only legal votes should count. However, she did not claim that there was systematic fraud.

„The best for America’s future“ Trump Jr. calls for „all-out war“ over election

This is surprising in that she and her husband go in and out of the Oval Office as advisors to the President. It is possible that Ivanka and Donald Trump are at odds. It is also possible that Ivanka Trump should not do the dirty work of the campaign so as not to burn it for the future. At least Trump’s former communications chief Anthony Scaramucci claims that Trump would like to see his daughter as his successor in the White House.

A circle of trust
Presidential election without end This is why the US counts for so long

At least Ivanka Trump would be much better prepared for the office because she has practically co-governed the country for four years. She is officially the President’s advisor on economics and jobs. Her husband Jared Kushner was Trump’s special envoy in the Middle East, where he was supposed to resolve the conflict between Israel and Palestine. He also advises Trump on the corona pandemic. There have been repeated reports of the extent to which employees in the White House and in the ministries felt offended by Trump’s family when they took over government duties without holding office. It is also due to Trump’s mistrust in the existing government and administrative apparatus that he surrounds himself with family members. The many people leaving Trump’s staff and cabinet are probably unprecedented. All the more, he, who was not a die-hard Republican before his presidential candidacy, could count on the relatives. The lack of power in the Republican Party had never been able to beat Trump. Too much, Trump is a one-man show. Although he has succeeded in recruiting some influential party figures with Lindsey Graham and Mitch McConnell, their loyalty is uncertain. This is all the more true for the many Republican governors and senators who have so far held back from making public statements about the election. The Trump clan knows that if Donald loses, they may be alone. So they fight all the more resolutely – in case of doubt also alone.

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