Another bathing ban for Unstrut crocodile search keeps Saxony-Anhalt in suspense


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Possible crocodile sightings are simply part of a real summer – now a specimen is being searched for in Saxony-Anhalt. So far, almost always unsuccessful. It is by no means the only suspected case.

A bathing ban has been issued in the Burgenland district in Saxony-Anhalt because of a crocodile possibly swimming in the unstrut. The ban will initially apply until September 6, said the district administrator of the Burgenland district, Götz Ulrich, in Naumburg. According to this, no one is allowed to enter the river between the state border with Thuringia near Wendelstein and the confluence with the Saale at blossom reason near Naumburg. From Friday morning, the emergency services are looking for a living crocodile in the small river in the south of Saxony-Anhalt. As the „Volksstimme“ reports from Magdeburg, this was discontinued on Sunday. Accordingly, searches were also carried out from the air. District Administrator Ulrich said that despite intensive measures, there was no concrete evidence of a living crocodile. The bathing ban continues to apply as a precaution.

Previously, there were two references from witnesses who claim to have seen a reptile near the town of Laucha an der Unstrut. The police took the reports seriously. The locks in Trösdorf and Wetzendorf were then temporarily closed. According to „Volksstimme“ the rumor mill was seething – some would have suspected that a crocodile might have broken out of the Memleben adventure park in the southwest of the state. Then it turned out that there aren’t any there.
In the shadow of Sammy and Saturn

Possible crocodile sightings always cause excitement. For example, in July in Jever, East Frisia, where a passer-by alerted the police – later it turned out that it was nothing more than a plastic swimming animal. In Stade, Lower Saxony, the officials also followed up on a tip that a crocodile could be romping about in a moat. There it was a deceptively real rubber toy.

Probably the most famous case of this kind was the almost legendary caiman Sammy, who amused the whole country in 1994 and kept it a little in suspense. Its owner had taken the animal to a swimming lake near Dormagen, where it escaped. The „Loch Neuss Monster“ was searched for days until it was finally found. The „Tagesspiegel“ describes the summer spectacle as the „mother of all crocodile reports in the annual summer slump“. Since then there have been alleged sightings of crocodiles every year. By the way, Sammy died in 2013 on a crocodile farm in Hesse.

A real alligator that actually crawled around Berlin for years made headlines again the other day – when he died in Russia. Saturn passed away in Moscow at the age of 84. He escaped from the Berlin Zoo after a bombing in 1943 and was only discovered by a British soldier three years later. How he survived time is a mystery. In July 1946 he was brought to Moscow. There was also speculation that the animal might have belonged to Adolf Hitler, but this has not yet been proven.

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