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6 Best SEO Rank Tracker Tools for Keyword Tracking (Compared)


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Are you look­ing for the best SEO rank track­er tool for key­word track­ing?

A search engine results page (SERP) track­ing tool helps you track your website’s SEO posi­tion for spe­cif­ic key­words. It shows you changes key­word posi­tions and allows you to com­pare them with your com­peti­tors.

In this arti­cle, we’ll share our expert pick of the best SEO rank track­ing tools for key­word track­ing.

best rank tracker tools - 6 Best SEO Rank Tracker Tools for Keyword Tracking (Compared)

Why Should You Use a SERP Keyword Tracking Tool?

A SERP key­word track­ing tool can help you put your search engine opti­miza­tion (SEO) strat­e­gy the right track.

You can mon­i­tor key­word rank­ings for dif­fer­ent pages to see what’s work­ing in your busi­ness. If your key­word rank­ings are going up, and your organ­ic traf­fic is increas­ing, then it means your SEO efforts are work­ing.

On the oth­er hand, these SERP track­ing tools will imme­di­ate­ly noti­fy you when your key­word rank­ings drop.

This allows you to quick imple­ment a fix, so you don’t lose any sales rev­enue.

Anoth­er ben­e­fit of using rank track­ing tools is that you can keep an eye on your com­peti­tors. You can see which search terms they are rank­ing on and find new key­word oppor­tu­ni­ties for your web­site.

That being said, let’s take a look at the best rank track­er tools that you can use to grow your busi­ness.

1. SEMrush

semrush rank tracker tool 1 - 6 Best SEO Rank Tracker Tools for Keyword Tracking (Compared)

SEM­rush is the best rank track­er tool for mon­i­tor­ing your key­word rank­ings. It is a com­plete SEO toolk­it and is pre­ferred by many dig­i­tal mar­ket­ing pro­fes­sion­als.

This is the tool that we use for WPBe­gin­ner and our oth­er com­pa­nies.

With help of SEMRush’s posi­tion track­ing fea­ture, you can track and mon­i­tor the move­ment of your site’s key­word rank­ings. The tool also shows which search terms are in the SERP fea­tures like the fea­tured snip­pets, Google sitelinks, or knowl­edge pan­el.

SEM­rush gives you an over­all land­scape of your rank­ings by show­ing you how many search terms are in the top 3, 10, 20, and 100. You can even see your rank­ing dis­tri­b­u­tions over time.

semrush position tracking feature - 6 Best SEO Rank Tracker Tools for Keyword Tracking (Compared)

Anoth­er pow­er­ful fea­ture of SEM­rush is that you can track your competitor’s key­words as well. You can add up to 10 URLs of your com­peti­tors and track their search engine per­for­mance.

Plus, you can use SEM­rush to per­form key­word research, find back­link oppor­tu­ni­ties, con­duct a detailed com­peti­tor analy­sis, find paid key­words, track social media per­for­mance, and more.

Pric­ing: WPBe­gin­ner users get a free 30 day tri­al of SEM­rush. Paid plans starts from $99.95 per month.

2. Ahrefs

ahref best serp tracking tool - 6 Best SEO Rank Tracker Tools for Keyword Tracking (Compared)

Ahrefs is anoth­er excel­lent rank track­er tool. Sim­i­lar to SEM­Rush, it is also a com­pre­hen­sive SEO and dig­i­tal mar­ket­ing plat­form.

With the help of its Rank Track­er fea­ture, you can add your web­site or con­nect your Google Search Con­sole account with Ahrefs to import projects. Next, add the key­words you want to track to your Ahrefs dash­board.

Ahrefs shows you an overview of your search engine rank­ings. You can see your vis­i­bil­i­ty per­cent­age, aver­age posi­tion, traf­fic, SERP fea­tures, and changes in posi­tion.

For each key­word, you can see their cur­rent posi­tion, search vol­ume, total traf­fic they are get­ting, key­word dif­fi­cul­ty, and if the key­word is in a SERP fea­ture like the Peo­ple also ask sec­tion.

ahrefs rank tracker tool - 6 Best SEO Rank Tracker Tools for Keyword Tracking (Compared)

You can add up to 10 com­peti­tors in the Ahrefs Rank Track­er tool and com­pare them with your own web­site. How­ev­er, if you are look­ing for more in-depth com­peti­tor analy­sis, then we sug­gest using its oth­er fea­tures.

For instance, you can enter a URL in the Site Explor­er fea­ture and find the num­ber of back­links, organ­ic key­words, and iden­ti­fy con­tent gaps.

Sim­i­lar­ly, you can use Ahrefs for con­duct­ing a site audit, use Key­word Explor­er for research­ing search terms for your con­tent, and more.

Pric­ing: Ahrefs prices start from $99 per month.

3. MonsterInsights

monsterinsights website - 6 Best SEO Rank Tracker Tools for Keyword Tracking (Compared)

Mon­sterIn­sights is the best Google Ana­lyt­ics plu­g­in for Word­Press. It allows you to eas­i­ly set up Google Ana­lyt­ics in Word­Press and view the data you need right in your Word­Press dash­board.

Mon­sterIn­sights helps you mon­i­tor key­word rank­ings inside the Word­Press admin area. You can view the Search Con­sole report to see your site’s top 50 Google search terms and where you rank for them.

It will also show the num­ber of clicks, impres­sions, click-through rate (CTR), and the aver­age posi­tion for each key­word. This helps you opti­mize your web­site and boost rank­ings. For instance, you can find con­tent that ranks at 11 or 12th posi­tion, you can opti­mize those arti­cles to bring them to the first page.

Search Console Report - 6 Best SEO Rank Tracker Tools for Keyword Tracking (Compared)

Note: You will need to con­nect Google Search Con­sole with Google Ana­lyt­ics in order to unlock these reports in Mon­sterIn­sights.

Pric­ing: Mon­sterIn­sights Search Con­sole report is avail­able in its Plus plan, which costs $99.50 per year.

4. SERPWatcher by Mangools

mangools serpwatcher - 6 Best SEO Rank Tracker Tools for Keyword Tracking (Compared)

SER­P­Watch­er by Man­gools is a pow­er­ful SEO toolk­it which allows you to eas­i­ly track SERP for your busi­ness.

You also get access to their SER­PCheck­er, Link Min­er, Key­word find­er, and Site Pro­fil­er tools, which makes Man­gool a good alter­na­tive to some pricey SEO plat­forms.

It is a user-friend­ly tool and you can get start­ed in just a few min­utes. Sim­ply add your web­site, select­ing a loca­tion you want to track, select the plat­form (desk­top or mobile), and then enter your key­words.

In the SER­P­Watch­er report, you get a detailed pic­ture of how your web­site is per­form­ing in SERPs. It shows you each keyword’s rank­ing, change in posi­tions, aver­age posi­tion, best posi­tion, search vol­ume, and esti­mat­ed vis­i­tors per month.

serpwatcher tracking report - 6 Best SEO Rank Tracker Tools for Keyword Tracking (Compared)

In addi­tion, you can also view your site’s per­for­mance index, esti­mat­ed vis­its, key­word dis­tri­b­u­tion, and posi­tion flow.

SER­P­Watch­er allows you to get dai­ly rank­ing updates through email alerts. This helps you stay on top of any changes that might occur in the SERPs and act quick­ly.

Pric­ing: SER­P­Watch­er prices start from $29.90 per month.

5. SE Ranking

se ranking rank tracker tool - 6 Best SEO Rank Tracker Tools for Keyword Tracking (Compared)

SE Rank­ing is anoth­er great tool to mon­i­tor SERPs for your busi­ness. It is very easy to use and helps you keep your SEO strat­e­gy on track.

Using its Key­word Rank Track­er fea­ture, you can mon­i­tor your website’s search terms on Google, Yahoo, Bing, Yan­dex, and YouTube. SE Rank­ing also lets you track key­words based on geo­graph­ic loca­tions and devices.

To start, you can use the SE Ranking’s wiz­ard by enter­ing your site’s URL, add key­words you want to track, and spec­i­fy the search engine and coun­try.

You can even add up to 5 com­peti­tors for track­ing and con­nect the tool to your Google Ana­lyt­ics and Google Search Con­sole accounts.

When you have added your web­site and key­words, you can use SE Ranking’s dash­board to mon­i­tor rank­ings, view his­tor­i­cal data, track com­peti­tors, and much more.

se ranking dashboard - 6 Best SEO Rank Tracker Tools for Keyword Tracking (Compared)

In addi­tion to track­ing your search terms, you can use SE Rank­ing to ana­lyze your traf­fic, mea­sure SEO poten­tial, cre­ate a mar­ket­ing plan in real-time, con­duct web­site audit, mon­i­tor back­links, and more.

Pric­ing: SE Rank­ings prices start from $31 per month for track­ing 250 key­words.

6. Serpstat

serpstat rank tracker tool - 6 Best SEO Rank Tracker Tools for Keyword Tracking (Compared)

Serp­stat is the last SERP track­ing tool on our list and is an all-in-one SEO solu­tion. You can use it to ana­lyze your web­site, con­duct key­word research, find back­links, and mon­i­tor key­words.

The tool offers a clean dash­board where you can con­trol all your set­tings and per­form dif­fer­ent actions. To track your search term rank­ings, go to the Rank Track­er option.

After that, cre­ate a new project, enter your web­site details, select your search engine options, and add the key­words you want to mon­i­tor.

Serp­stat lets you view the posi­tion changes of your search terms, com­pare them with your com­peti­tors, group your key­words, and much more from your dash­board.

serpstat dashboard - 6 Best SEO Rank Tracker Tools for Keyword Tracking (Compared)

Com­pared to oth­er tools on our list, SERP­Stat offers more visu­al reports and an intu­itive dash­board. You get graphs and charts that give you a birds eye view of your reports which you can fur­ther drill down.

How­ev­er, the tool is not the most begin­ner-friend­ly and it can take some time get­ting used to its inter­face and nav­i­gat­ing through its options.

Pric­ing: Serp­stat prices start from $69 per month.

Which is the Best SEO Rank Tracker Tool (Expert Pick)

We believe that SEM­rush is the best SEO rank track­er tool in the mar­ket. It is an all-in-one SEO toolk­it that is easy to use, offers lots of fea­tures, and eas­i­ly tracks key­words.

SEM­Rush is trust­ed by many mar­ket­ing pro­fes­sion­als, and you can use it for find­ing key­words, back­links, ana­lyz­ing your com­peti­tors, mon­i­tor­ing your social media cam­paigns, track­ing paid adver­tis­ing cam­paigns, and much more.

Our team uses SEM­Rush for key­word track­ing for WPBe­gin­ner site, and all of our busi­ness­es.

We hope this arti­cle helped you find the best rank track­er tools for SERP track­ing. You may also want to see our list of the best Word­Press plu­g­ins for busi­ness web­sites.

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