US President Biden threatens terrorists with retaliation

Online-PR: ... unsere digitale Pressearbeit im Internet hilft weiter...

Online-PR: … unsere digitale Pressearbeit im Internet hilft weiter… After the fatal attack near Kabul airport, US President Joe Biden threatens the terrorists responsible with retaliation. “We’ll hunt you down and make you pay for it,” says Biden in the White House. The US military will conduct operations against the terrorist militia Islamic State (IS) […]


“Actually a waste product” – Biontech is attracting billions in sales with vaccine

Suddenly a German company is in the focus of the global public: Biontech reports the breakthrough with the corona vaccine. The company’s core competence is actually different. Now governments in Mainz are lining up with a lot of money. This news from Mainz is a scientific sensation beyond the Corona fight: Biontech is developing a […]


We lost with dignity – Trump packs boxes in the White House

In Maricopa County, a hotly contested district in the particularly close race for the state of Arizona, a dispute has broken out over the pens issued by election officials. According to Fox News, voters filed lawsuits against several electoral officials in the district. Your allegation: The permanent marker pens issued would push through the paper […]

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Armed with a pickaxe – repeat offender attacks Trump Stern

US President Trump has been on Hollywood’s “Walk of Fame” since 2007 because of his television programs. His star is repeatedly the target of protests. This was also the case this Friday when a man hit the badge with a pickaxe. The perpetrator is no stranger. The star of US President Donald Trump on the […]


Biden confronts Trump with facts – Trump waved the “white flag” in front of the coronavirus

Shortly before the US election, the Democratic presidential candidate accused incumbent Donald Trump of surrendering to the coronavirus. “Donald Trump waved the white flag, abandoned our families and surrendered to the virus,” Biden said at a campaign rally in Atlanta. “But the American people are not giving up.” In the event of his victory, Biden […]


Clinics completely overloaded with Covid-19 victims – doctors in Belgium work despite infection

Belgium is in a critical phase. The health system is overloaded by the number of corona cases. Doctors and nurses who are themselves infected with the virus work in the clinics. The alternative would be an even worse solution for many patients. Dozens of doctors and nurses in the completely overloaded clinics in the Belgian […]


Federal government proves contacts – Turkey’s President Erdogan has close ties with Islamists – Is he a fan of IS?

In the dispute over the Mohammed cartoons, the Turkish President accuses France and other EU countries of being hostile to Islam. But its unusually excessive tone could have deeper causes. The federal government now certifies Erdogan’s growing closeness to Islamists. The German government has confirmed close ties between Turkish President Recep Tayyip Erdogan and his […]

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The day before local elections – Kiev’s Mayor Klitschko infected with Covid 19 Corona

The Kiev mayor Vitali Klitschko was infected with the Sars-CoV-2 pathogen. He had tested positive for the virus, wrote the former world boxing champion in the online networks. “The corona virus caught me at the worst possible time,” he added, referring to the local elections planned for Sunday. Klitschko, who has been in office since […]


More than ever – France reports 45,000 new infections with Covid-19

The situation with the French neighbors is becoming more and more dramatic: the number of new corona cases has again exceeded the previous high. Meanwhile, parliament is backing the government on a controversial bill. In France, the health authorities recorded 45,422 new corona infections within 24 hours on Saturday – more than ever before .. […]

With God’s help or Corona denier? – Despite all risk factors – Pope Francis does not wear a mask at an audience

The impacts are getting closer: 13 Swiss guardsmen have been proven to be infected with the corona virus. But the Pope sticks to his habit and does not wear mouth and nose protection during appointments. Francis is a high-risk patient. Pope Francis received Spain’s Prime Minister Pedro Sánchez for an audience without a face mask. […]


More Swiss Guards infected with Corona

In the Vatican, two other members of the papal Swiss Guard tested positive for the corona virus. This increases the number of verifiably infected guardsmen to 13, as the Swiss Guard announced. So far there have been no serious illnesses, only some of the guardsmen showed symptoms such as fever, cough, joint pain and a […]