Eric Adams Wins Democratic Primary for NYC Mayor


Mr. Adams held off Kathryn Garcia after a count of 118,000 absentee ballots saw his substantial lead on primary night narrow to a single percentage point. Online-PR: … unsere digitale Pressearbeit im Internet hilft weiter…

Online-PR: ... unsere digitale Pressearbeit im Internet hilft weiter...

2020 Election Spurs Resignations and Retirements of Officials


The draining work of 2020 has spurred resignations and retirements. In a recent survey, one in three officials said they felt unsafe in the jobs.

Biden Gained With Moderate and Conservative Voting Groups, New Data Shows

President Biden cut into Donald Trump’s margins with married men and veteran households, a Pew survey shows. But there was a far deeper well of support for Mr. Trump than many progressives had imagined.

A Bill Destined to Fail May Now Spawn More Plausible Options


The For the People Act had little chance of testing the limits of what if anything is still possible in Washington. Oddly, it was so far from passage that it may provide some hope, because […]

Republicans Block Voting Rights Bill, Dealing Blow to Biden and Democrats


All 50 G.O.P. senators opposed the sweeping elections overhaul, leaving a long-shot bid to eliminate the filibuster as Democrats’ best remaining hope to enact legal changes.