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First British woman vaccinated receives second anti-Covid-19 dose – today – 20-1

Online-PR: ... unsere digitale Pressearbeit im Internet hilft weiter...

Online-PR: … unsere digitale Pressearbeit im Internet hilft weiter… Three weeks ago, Margaret Keenan was the first person in Great Britain to be vaccinated against the coronavirus – now the 91-year-old has received the second dose of the drug. The grandmother was given the syringe that afternoon in the central English city of Coventry. Two […]

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Second execution in two days – Trump administration enforces death sentence again – today 20-1

Online-PR: … unsere digitale Pressearbeit im Internet hilft weiter… US President Trump is an advocate of the death penalty. His designated successor Biden, however, rejects this. Until the change in office, Trump is still having executions carried out. And more are likely to follow. Shortly before his replacement, the administration of the elected US President […]


India in second place of the most affected Corona countries -today 20-1

In terms of the number of infections, India is the second most affected country in the world. Even so, the country is easing restrictions as millions of people have become unemployed. According to a survey commissioned by the Indian government, almost every third person in the capital Delhi has antibodies against the coronavirus in their […]


Second manned SpaceX missile launched to the ISS

Half a year after its historic maiden flight, the spacecraft “Crew Dragon” of the SpaceX company took off for the first time for a regular mission into space. The capsule with four astronauts on board took off from Cape Canaveral in the US state of Florida. A SpaceX rocket with four astronauts on board left […]

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The second best tennis player in the world has Corona

The tennis world number two Simona Halep has tested positive for the corona virus. The two-time Grand Slam winner from Romania announced this on social networks. “I am in domestic isolation and am recovering well from my mild symptoms. I feel good … We will get through this together,” wrote Halep (29). The women’s tennis […]


Second wave of Covid in Italy – the nightmare is back

For a long time, the Italians had hoped to get away with the second Corona wave more lightly. But the corona virus has the country firmly under control again. A Milan resident speaks to about painful memories, a feeling of defeat and the noise of the breathing helmet. It is 6 p.m. and the […]


Trump attacks Biden’s son – second TV duel is tough but civil

After the first and so far only TV duel between Donald Trump and Joe Biden, the hopes of a constructive dispute between the presidential candidates are low. But this time the audience is spared another low blow in the culture of debate. US President Donald Trump tried in the last TV debate before the election […]


Chancellor Kurz says – Second wave of coronavirus infections in Austria has begun

According to Chancellor Sebastian Kurz, the second wave of corona infections has already started in Austria. “What we are currently experiencing is the beginning of the second wave,” explained Kurz. He asked the population to continue to adhere to all corona measures and to reduce social contacts. A drastic increase in corona infections was recently […]