Vaccination Day at Dodger Stadium: Hours of Traffic and 7,730 Shots

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The lines at Los Angeles’s mass vaccination site are a portrait of the city. Men on motorcycles. Bangladeshi merchants. Retired record-company executives. Latina health care workers. Arnold Schwarzenegger. Online-PR: … unsere digitale Pressearbeit im Internet […]

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13,000 School Districts, 13,000 Approaches to Teaching During Covid

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To assess how public schools have navigated the pandemic and the impact on students, The Times examined seven representative districts. The answers were strikingly different.

Amanda Gorman Captures the Moment in “The Hill We Climb”

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The youngest inaugural poet in U.S. history read “The Hill We Climb,” which she finished after the riot at the Capitol. “I’m not going to in any way gloss over what we’ve seen,” she says.

As the Virus Spikes, Vaccine Distribution Is One More Hurdle for States

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Mass vaccination would be a challenge under any circumstances. But doing it during an out-of-control pandemic is straining states, cities and health departments.