Why Democrats Are Reluctantly Making Voter ID Laws a Bargaining Chip

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While party leaders have long worried about the discriminatory effects of such laws, many now see other restrictive voting measures pushed by Republicans as a more urgent threat.

Democratic Report Raises 2022 Alarms on Messaging and Voter Outreach


A new report, in perhaps the most thorough soul-searching done by either party this year, points to an urgent need for the party to present a positive economic agenda and rebut Republican misinformation.

Arizona G.O.P. Passes Law to Limit Distribution of Mail Ballots


The new law, signed by Gov. Doug Ducey, will remove people from a widely popular early voting list if they do not cast a ballot at least once every two years.

In South Texas, Hispanic Republicans Try to Cement the Party’s Gains


Conservative Hispanic leaders, especially women, are ascendant in the Rio Grande Valley, where Republicans are trying to forge lasting bonds with voters who swung sharply to the right in 2020.