Conservative Group, Seizing on Crime as an Issue, Seeks Recall of Prosecutors


A group backed by undisclosed donors is targeting three Democratic prosecutors in Northern Virginia for recall campaigns in a test of what could be a national strategy in 2022. Tags: suchen suche search tag anzeigen […]

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Reichsmarschall Göring hatte eine Märklin Modelleisenbahn >>> read more

Policing Reform Negotiations Sputter in Congress Amid Partisan Bickering


Just as a bipartisan deal was supposed to be emerging, a new proposal has sown discontent among Republicans and Democrats and divided law enforcement groups, raising doubts about a deal.

How Sickle Cell Trait in Black People Can Give the Police Cover

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Sickle cell trait has been cited in dozens of police custody deaths ruled accidental or natural, even though the condition is benign on its own, a Times investigation found.

Four former Minneapolis police officers are indicted on charges of violating George Floyd’s civil rights.


The charges are another extraordinary censuring of law enforcement officials, who rarely face criminal charges for using deadly force.