Can the Senate Be Saved? Ben Nelson, the Manchin of Yesteryear, Has Doubts

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A former Democratic centrist senator says too many lawmakers come to Washington to obstruct rather than be constructive. Tags: suchen suche search tag anzeigen besucherzahl browser design domain inhalt jahr karpfen konto problem inhalt schalten […]

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A Bill Destined to Fail May Now Spawn More Plausible Options


The For the People Act had little chance of testing the limits of what if anything is still possible in Washington. Oddly, it was so far from passage that it may provide some hope, because […]

Republicans Block Voting Rights Bill, Dealing Blow to Biden and Democrats


All 50 G.O.P. senators opposed the sweeping elections overhaul, leaving a long-shot bid to eliminate the filibuster as Democrats’ best remaining hope to enact legal changes.

How an Anti-Corruption Bill Became a Showdown on Democracy


The filibuster of a sprawling bill on voter rights, corruption and campaign finance will cap its journey from a Democratic statement to a larger struggle over the nation’s direction.

Democrats Unite Behind Voting Rights Bill as It Faces a Senate Roadblock


With Republicans set to filibuster, Democrats are focusing on staying unified in the face of defeat. But the path ahead for the legislation is murky at best.

Democrats Float $6 Trillion Plan Amid Talks on Narrower Infrastructure Deal


Democrats are considering moving unilaterally on a sweeping economic package even as bipartisan talks continue on a smaller infrastructure bill.

What Drives Joe Manchin? Frustrated Democrats Can Look to West Virginia.


The senator has become a lightning rod in his party and a major obstacle to President Biden’s agenda. In his home state, his stubborn belief in bipartisanship is recognized as the core of his being.

Democrats, Converted to Filibuster Foes, Are Set to Force the Issue


Senator Chuck Schumer, the Democratic leader, is lining up votes to build the case for defusing the procedural weapon, which Republicans have used to thwart the party’s agenda.