Democrats’ Improbable New F.E.C. Strategy: More Deadlock Than Ever


Here is the inside story of how Democrats, after a decade of defeats at the nation’s top campaign watchdog, are trying to enforce election laws in part by losing on purpose in federal court. Tags: […]

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Voting Rights Bill Falters in Congress as States Race Ahead


Opposition from Republicans and some of their own senators has left Democrats struggling to determine whether they should try to nix the filibuster to save a top priority. Tags: suchen suche search tag anzeigen besucherzahl […]

Klobuchar to Propose Ban on Prechecked Boxes in Political Donations


Senator Amy Klobuchar is pressing for legislation after a Times investigation showed that the use of prechecked boxes for recurring donations by former President Donald Trump’s campaign led to a surge of refunds.

Senate Panel Deadlocks on Voting Rights as Bill Faces Major Obstacles


Democrats now face the task of overcoming their own differences on the measure, and deciding whether they will use it as a vehicle to try to curb the filibuster.