House Passes $3.5 Trillion Budget Plan for Vast Expansion of Safety Net


Democratic leaders had to haggle their way to passage, committing to moderates that there would be a vote on the $1 trillion bipartisan infrastructure plan by Sept. 27. Tags: suchen suche search tag anzeigen besucherzahl […]

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Eyeing One Big Economic Bill, Democrats Face Myriad Challenges

Rome Corona

With bipartisan infrastructure talks coalescing around a plan that omits many of their top priorities, Democrats are vowing to push through their own package. It won’t be easy.

Democrats Float $6 Trillion Plan Amid Talks on Narrower Infrastructure Deal


Democrats are considering moving unilaterally on a sweeping economic package even as bipartisan talks continue on a smaller infrastructure bill.

Biden Ends Infrastructure Talks With Republicans, Falling Short of a Deal


After weeks of failed efforts to bridge deep divides, the president pulled the plug, turning to a bipartisan group to try to salvage a chance at compromise.

Republicans Present $928 Billion Counteroffer to Biden on Infrastructure


The plan’s total price tag came close to what the president has said he would consider, but it included only a fraction of the new spending he has requested. A compromise faces long odds.