The West Is on Fire. It’s Past Time to Act on Climate Change.


The infrastructure deal is a good start. But much more must be done to reduce greenhouse gas emissions. Tags: suchen suche search tag anzeigen besucherzahl browser design domain inhalt jahr karpfen konto problem inhalt schalten […]

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Crashes involving Tesla Autopilot and other driver-assistance systems get new scrutiny.

Rome Corona

Federal safety regulators told automakers to provide more information about accidents involving cars and trucks with automation technology.

Here’s How Biden Aims to Increase Electric Car Sales


The president wants to use pollution rules to rapidly lift sales, but there are hurdles ahead.

Bipartisan Infrastructure Deal Omits Big Climate Measures

Alexej Nawalny

Democrats hope to include climate and clean energy in a second bill. It could be Biden’s last chance to pass major global warming legislation.

Lordstown Motors’ Top Executives Resign After Board Investigation


The company’s top executive resigned after the struggling automaker released an investigation by its board.

The Lithium Gold Rush: Inside the Race to Power Electric Vehicles

Corona after Time

A race is on to produce lithium in the United States, but competing projects are taking very different approaches to extracting the vital raw material. Some might not be very green.

Biden’s Bet on a Climate Transition Carries Big Risks


The president’s plans to cut emissions in half by 2030 relies heavily on a government effort to steer the development of new industries, but business leaders are fretting over the rapid timeline.

Biden Details $2 Trillion Plan to Rebuild Infrastructure and Reshape the Economy

Nürnberg Prozess

The president will begin selling his proposal on Wednesday, saying it would fix 20,000 miles of roads and 10,000 bridges, while also addressing climate change and racial inequities and raising corporate taxes.

Despite Problems In the Past, Biden to Try Again with ‘Green’ Stimulus

Covid-19 Aid

As vice president, Joe Biden oversaw a “green jobs” stimulus package that produced notable failures. This time, with more money and more demand for clean technology, will be different, Democrats say.

Infrastructure Plan Seeks to Address Climate and Equality as Well as Roads


The proposal being prepared by the White House is intended to begin grappling with a number of big issues that President Biden focused on during the campaign.