Cough and severe exhaustion – Macron is struggling with Covid 19 disease – today – 20-1


At the age of 42, the French president is still young – but his illness with the corona virus is clearly troubling him. Macron shows all kinds of symptoms. And not everyone likes that the […]

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First phase of nationwide corona mass test in Slovakia ended – penile erection no longer possible after Covid-19 disease?


In Slovakia, the first phase of an unprecedented test of almost the entire Slovak population for the coronavirus has come to an end. Since Friday, under the direction of the Ministry of Defense, all residents […]

US President with confused statements – Alleged cure for Covid-19 disease discovered – Trump calls his infection “God’s blessing”- This News is powered Google News, thanks


US President Trump is amazingly fit again a few days after his Covid 19 diagnosis. He owes this not only to his doctors, but also to an experimental antibody treatment. He wants to have discovered […]

Trump receives a medicine cocktail against his Covid-19 disease – so far only mild symptoms according to his own statement


In the course of his corona infection, US President Donald Trump was given an infusion with antibodies. The infusion went without any problems, said Trump’s personal physician Sean Conley. The President showed signs of fatigue, […]

Pence – Biden – President of the United States – SARS-CoV-2 – The killer coronavirus doesn’t stop at anyone with its disease


A few hours after the illness of his close advisor Hicks became known, US President Trump also had to announce: He and his wife Melania were infected with Sars-CoV-2. According to his personal physician, the […]