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End of the Brexit drama – Great Britain and EU finally divorced – today – 20-1

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Online-PR: … unsere digitale Pressearbeit im Internet hilft weiter… Great Britain was part of the European Union for 47 years. After leaving at the end of January, the eleven-month transition phase will end on New Year’s Eve. The kingdom no longer belongs to the EU internal market and the customs union. A new era has […]

Deadline for Brexit talks exceeded – today – 20-1

The post-Brexit negotiations between London and Brussels should actually have already been achieved. But again a deadline is exceeded – because an agreement is not yet in sight. The talks will in all probability continue anyway. But important points of contention remain. The deadlocked negotiations between Great Britain and the EU on a post-Brexit deal […]


No-deal Brexit could soon become a reality – today – 20-1

The negotiations between the British and the EU are dragging on. But time is running out – in less than two weeks the UK will also be leaving the domestic market. But what then? A trade pact now seems increasingly unlikely, as insiders say. There is a threat of a no-deal Brexit. Great Britain and […]


EU presents Brexit emergency laws – today

The talks between the EU and Great Britain about a reorganization of relations after Brexit are not moving an inch further. Brussels is already preparing for a possible chaos from January 1st. Emergency laws are designed to avoid the worst of clutter. The European Union is preparing for the failure of the negotiations on the […]


Big differences in top Brexit talks – today

The Brexit negotiations have not moved for weeks. In view of the increasingly scarce time, Prime Minister Johnson and EU Commission chief von der Leyen take the phone into their own hands. But even they cannot make any progress on the crucial points. Negotiations on a trade pact between the European Union and Great Britain […]

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Brexit party to become anti-lockdown party – everyday British life

The British right-wing populist Nigel Farage wants to turn his Brexit party into an anti-lockdown party. Farage wrote in an article for the newspaper „The Telegraph“ that the new party should in future be called Reform UK. The movement stands for a „focused protection“ only for those most at risk in the coronavirus pandemic. Farage […]