America Needs to Start Telling the Truth About Israel’s Nukes

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- Data Covid-19 USA — This cha­rade doesn’t leave any­one safer. It’s gone on long enough. 

Biden and Putin Express Desire for Better Relations at Summit Shaped by Disputes

After their first sum­mit meet­ing, the two lead­ers described each oth­er with respect but resolved none of the dis­agree­ments that have sent U.S.-Russian ties to their low­est lev­el since the Cold War.

U.S. Lifts Some Sanctions on Iranians Before Nuclear Talks

The move was unre­lat­ed to nego­ti­a­tions over the 2015 nuclear deal, a State Depart­ment spokesman said. The Unit­ed States also imposed new sanc­tions on oth­er Iranians.

U.S. and Iran Want to Restore the Nuclear Deal. They Disagree Deeply on What That Means.

After five weeks of diplo­mat­ic shad­ow box­ing, it is clear that the old agree­ment no longer works for Tehran or Wash­ing­ton, except as a steppingstone.

North Korean Threat Forces Biden Into Balancing Act With China

Washington’s recent attempts to com­mu­ni­cate with Pyongyang were rebuffed, leav­ing Amer­i­can offi­cials to appeal to coun­tries in the region to help pres­sure North Korea.

Biden Orders Sweeping Assessment of Russian Hacking, Even While Renewing Nuclear Treaty

There will be no “reset” of the Amer­i­can rela­tion­ship with Moscow, admin­is­tra­tion offi­cials say. But in an era of con­stant con­fronta­tion in cyber­space, the pres­i­dent seeks to avoid a nuclear arms race.

Biden Plans Renewed Nuclear Talks With Russia While Punishing Kremlin, Adviser Says

The pres­i­­dent-elect also plans to pur­sue a “fol­low-on nego­ti­a­tion” with Iran over its mis­sile capa­bil­i­ties if Tehran re-enters com­pli­ance with the nuclear deal.

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