Dam system in Venice fails — flood — today


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A com­plex pro­tec­tion is to pro­tect from ris­ing tides. The sys­tem with 78 mov­able pro­tec­tive walls at the entrances to the lagoon, which was only put into oper­a­tion in autumn, failed imme­di­ate­ly and led to flood­ing in the Ital­ian city. The flood in cen­tral St. Mark’s Square rose to a lev­el of 1.37 meters above sea

lev­el and also pen­e­trat­ed St. Mark’s Basil­i­ca. Venice reg­u­lar­ly suf­fers from flood­ing, and due to the ris­ing sea lev­el, the “Acqua alta” is now a real threat to the city, which is pop­u­lar with tourists. In Novem­ber of last year, a record high water lev­el of 1.87 meters was mea­sured — the last time the lev­el was that high in 1966.

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