The fastest car in the world SSC Tuatara makes Agera RS swallow dust


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Foto: James Lipman
Until recently, the Koenigsegg Agera RS was considered the fastest car in the world at 447 km / h. Now this value has simply been pulverized by the SSC Tuatara. At almost 100 km / h more, the American fired on a highway near Las Vegas.Instead of a massive rear spoiler, the SSC Tuatara only has winglets. To date, the Bugatti Veyron Super Sport and the Agera RS from Koenigsegg have alternately wore the crown of the fastest car in the world. Now the two hypercars have to line up at the back, because a new record holder has almost pulverized the current record of 447 km / h. Back in 2011, Shelby Supercars announced that they would break all speed records into the ground. But after the full-bodied announcement, it became quiet around the Americans. Now, almost ten years later, the sports car makers are pulling the tarpaulin from a car that still bears the name SSC Tuatara and are really stirring up dust.

1774 hp from a displacement of 5.9 liters

For a few days now, it is precisely this vehicle that has borne the title „Fastest production car in the world“. As the sports car manufacturer reports, the racing driver Oliver Webb drove the new SSC Tuatara on State Route 160 near Las Vegas in two opposite journeys on an eleven-kilometer straight line at 484.53 and 532.93 km / h. This corresponds to an average value of 508.73 km / h, which is now the new record.vThe eight-cylinder in the SCC Tuatara develops up to 1774 hp.

The propellant that lays the foundation for this dizzying speed is an eight-cylinder that draws its power of up to 1774 hp from a displacement of just 5.9 liters. However, E85 fuel is required for this power output. E85 is a mixture of 85 percent ethanol and 15 percent gasoline. At 107 octane, the knock resistance is significantly higher than that of Super plus with 98 octane. With the appropriate adjustment of the engine, the performance of a vehicle with E85 can also be increased. If only 91 octane fuel is filled into the tuatara, the power drops to 1369 hp. In view of the weight, which is 1247 kilograms, that is still gigantic, because in the best case one horse power does not move more than 700 grams. But it was not just engine and weight that helped Webb achieve the record. The sequential seven-speed gearbox also played its part. In less than 100 milliseconds, the part beats through the gears and keeps a maximum torque of 1413 Newton meters under control, which is already present at 6800 crankshaft revolutions.

Racing driver Oliver Webb shortly before his record drive with the SCC Tuatara.

Anyone wondering who drew the fastest flounder in the world should get the answer at this point: Jason Castriote is the man’s name. And he knows his way around. After all, he created vehicles like the Ferrari 612 Kappa or the Ferrari 599. Most recently, he was in service with Saab or whatever was left of it in 2010. The designer has been swinging his pen for Ford since 2016. In any case, he has tailored a classic sports dress for the slim body of the tuatara. He has done without the massive rear spoiler in such cars. Two winglets on the rear fenders are apparently enough to ensure the necessary contact pressure on the drive wheels at speeds over 400 km / h. At least on the straight. If you want to test for yourself how stable the SCC Tuatara shoots around the corner, you should have delivered 1.3 million US dollars to the manufacturer in advance. Which is almost like a bargain considering the prices for Bugatti and Koenigsegg.

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