Report on torture with gas – Lukashenko’s henchmen kill 31-year-olds


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Foto: imago images/ITAR-TASS

Despite mass protests in Belarus, the security forces remain loyal to Lukashenko. Several people have already died from police violence. Now a 31-year-old is being beaten to death right in front of his house. It is as good as impossible that the perpetrators will be punished for this. In Belarus, violence against peaceful demonstrators and dissenters has escalated since the apparently falsified presidential election in August. A 31-year-old has now died in Minsk – one day after he was beaten by plain clothes security forces in front of his home. This is reported by several media outlets.

Late on Wednesday evening, residents of a high-rise in the capital noticed several people in balaclavas who got out of minibuses around 10 p.m. and began removing white, red and white ribbons that had been used to decorate a fence in front of the house. The historic white, red and white flag is a symbol of the opposition movement. There was a verbal argument between the residents and the strangers. As the news portal „“ reports, citing witnesses, one of the masked people grabbed the 31-year-old Roman Bondarenko and pushed him with all his might towards a metal slide in the children’s playground. The man’s head hit the slide. Bondarenko was then reportedly beaten by two other men and finally dragged into a minibus. According to unconfirmed information from „Radio Liberty“, the 31-year-old spent the next hour and a half in a police department. As the doctors of a hospital in Minsk explained to the news portal „“, Bondarenko was admitted to the clinic around midnight with cerebral edema, closed traumatic brain injury and numerous bruises and abrasions. When the 31-year-old was brought to the operating room, he was already in a coma, it said. After several hours of surgery, the man was initially in critical condition, according to doctors. A few hours later, the 31-year-old died from his injuries.

„Then the police closed the door and sprayed gas into it“

Meanwhile, another report by a victim of police violence caused horror on social media. Ala Sposab, a pensioner from Minsk, said she was arrested at a demonstration in the past few days and dragged into a prisoner transporter. There she was driven, along with eight other people who were already in the car, into a cell in the back of the van that was designed for three people.

Mass torture after Belarus election „I will beat you until you die!“

„The men had to kneel down, hands behind their backs and their heads on the floor. Then the police closed the door and sprayed gas into it,“ the woman is quoted in a report on „Radio Liberty“. It was probably tear gas or pepper spray – both substances are repeatedly used against peaceful demonstrators in Belarus. „I closed my eyes, put on my mouth and nose mask and tried to breathe less,“ continues the pensioner. According to her, one of the women coughed heavily and fell to the floor. Then the door opened again. But when the woman was better, the officers closed the door and sprayed the gas again. After a while the door opened again and the prisoners were taken to a police department.

Mass protests against the ruler Lukashenko have been taking place in Belarus since the presidential election on August 9th. The security forces use force against peaceful demonstrators. In the three months since the election, around 20,000 people have been arrested, hundreds have been injured, some seriously, and at least seven people have been killed. So far, the authorities have not investigated a single case.

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