Pence Could Accelerate Trump’s End – Pelosi Sets Roadmap for Impeachment

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The Democrats in the US House of Representatives do not want to dismiss Donald Trump from the presidency in the usual way. The impeachment plan is in place. First, Vice President Pence is asked to fire his boss. US House Chairwoman Nancy Pelosi set out the impeachment plan for the premature disempowerment of President Donald Trump. In a first step, a draft resolution is to be introduced into the chamber on Monday, in which the removal of Trump by Vice President Mike Pence and the Trump cabinet is required. The leader of the Democrats in Congress announced this to her parliamentary colleagues. According to Pelosi’s plan, the House of Representatives should vote on this resolution on Monday or Tuesday if possible.

If these amenities were successfully removed, Trump would lose

Pence is to be set by the parliamentary resolution a deadline of 24 hours to respond to the demand for the removal of Trump according to Amendment 25 to the US Constitution. This article gives the Vice-President the opportunity, together with the Cabinet, to remove the President if they consider him incapable of office. Should Pence not comply with the House of Representatives‘ request, according to Pelosi, a procedure for the impeachment of Trump by Congress should be initiated immediately. Pence has recently distanced himself from Trump. However, he did not indicate that he could be prepared to remove it on the basis of Amendment 25. The Democrats as well as some MPs from Trump’s Republican Party accuse the elected president of direct joint responsibility for the storming of Congress by rioters last Wednesday.

Several insurgents arrested New footage shows brutality in the Capitol

Shortly before the violent attack on the Capitol building, Trump repeated his lie about massive fraud in the presidential election in November in a speech at a rally and urged his supporters to march on the Capitol. He then appealed to her reluctantly to withdraw. Trump is supposed to be replaced by his elected successor Joe Biden on January 20 anyway. But the Democrats do not want to allow him to finish his term in office. „We will act urgently to protect our constitution and our democracy,“ wrote Pelosi.

For impeachment proceedings against a US president to be initiated, the House of Representatives must first bring charges against him. This is what is known as impeachment. A simple majority is sufficient for this charge to be brought. It is certain that this majority would come about, as the Democrats have a majority in the House of Representatives and can also count on the approval of some Republicans.

Planned protest in US Congress Pro-Trump disruptive action divides Republicans

According to the constitution, the decision on the impeachment of the president does not lie with the House of Representatives, but with the Senate. The Republicans are in the majority in this chamber. In addition, a two-thirds majority is required for removal from office. It is considered unlikely that this majority would come about. In addition, the time for the procedure is short, since Trump will be leaving office in a week and a half anyway. Even the initiation of further impeachment proceedings would be a great shame for Trump and would mean the loss of various – including financial – amenities. In addition, the way to another candidacy would be blocked.

Trump would become the first president in US history to be subjected to such a procedure twice. His first impeachment trial revolved around his efforts to get help from Ukraine for his election campaign. It ended in February of last year with Trump’s acquittal by the Senate.

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