No deviants – Electors confirm Biden’s victory as president in 2021 – today 20-1


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With confirmation from Electoral College, Joe Biden takes another important hurdle before moving into the White House. The handover of office can no longer be shaken – Donald Trump should also recognize this, recommends the future president. The votes of the electorate in the US states and the capital borough of Washington have confirmed the victory of the Democrat Joe Biden over incumbent Donald Trump in the presidential election. Biden got 306 votes – as many as expected based on certified state results after the November 3rd election. Trump was able to unite 232 votes. Biden’s lead corresponds to exactly the same majority that Trump called a „landslide victory“ four years ago. „These numbers represented a clear victory back then, and I respectfully suggest that they do so now,“ Biden said afterwards, speaking to the incumbent.

The vote of the electorate in California raised Biden above the threshold of the necessary 270 votes on Monday evening, as Hawaii was the last state to seal the final result. Biden spoke of a victory for democracy. „The flame of democracy was kindled in this nation a long time ago,“ said the Democrat in Wilmington, Delaware. „And we now know that nothing – not even a pandemic or abuse of power – can extinguish that flame.“

Foto: picture alliance/dpa/AP
„Will veto“ Trump on course for confrontation with Congress

The president is elected indirectly in the USA: The total of 538 voters vote on behalf of the people. In the vast majority of states, the election winner gets all the votes of the local electorate. There were no deviants in the votes on Monday, all electors voted according to the results – and thus dashed the vague hopes of some Trump supporters that the election result might still be overturned in this way. The official final result of the presidential election will be announced in Congress in Washington on January 6th. Biden is to be sworn in on January 20th in the capital. On that day, Trump’s term of office ends automatically, even if he does not admit defeat. That Biden won the election has been clear since November 7th, when leading US media – as is customary in the United States – proclaimed him the winner.

Biden speaks of a „victory of democracy“

The voting of the electorate is a formality in normal election years, because the losing candidate usually admits his defeat on election night. Trump still claims that he actually won the election and presents himself as a victim of massive election fraud. Many Republicans – including leading party colleagues in the US Congress – have not yet publicly recognized Biden as the election winner.

„Tragic milestone“ Biden: More deaths from Corona than on 9/11

With a wave of lawsuits, Trump and his allies tried to tip the election result in favor of the incumbent. However, neither he nor his lawyers or supporters have been able to provide evidence of their far-reaching allegations. More than 50 lawsuits have already failed. Last Friday, the Supreme Court in Washington also dismissed a lawsuit aimed at overturning Biden’s victory in four states. Trump had then declared that he did not want to give up the legal battle against his defeat yet. In the „fight for the soul of America“, democracy has triumphed, said Biden after his victory at Electoral College. Now it is time to bridge the gap and come together. „As I said in the campaign, I will be a president to all Americans. I will work as hard for those of you who did not vote for me as I do for those who voted for me.“ The most urgent task is now to bring the pandemic under control and vaccinate the citizens. „On Monday, the number of deaths since the beginning of the pandemic almost reached the 300,000 mark.

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