Dispute over border violations – Russia threatens to ram US destroyers – – today


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A US destroyer is sailing close to Russian territorial waters – probably a little too close. A Russian warship makes contact and threatens the “USS John McCain” with a ship collision. In the territorial dispute, both sides see each other in the right. Russia has accused the US of violating its borders with the US destroyer “USS John McCain” in its territorial waters in the far east. The Ministry of Defense announced in Moscow that the ship had moved impermissibly close to the Russian borders in Peter the Great Bay in the Sea of ​​Japan.

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The Russian submarine destroyer “Admiral Vinogradow” had informed the US ship of the “inadmissibility of the actions” and of a possible “ramming maneuver to displace the border violator from the territorial waters”. Then the US ship immediately set course for neutral waters, it said. The US fleet rejected the Russian allegations as unfounded. The US missile destroyer had exercised its internationally documented right to routinely navigate the bay, it said in a statement. In return, the US 7th Fleet accused Russia of violating international law by drawing borders in the waters – as it was in Soviet times.

According to the US, Russia takes up significantly more space than is permitted under maritime law. The fleet wanted to point this out. “The US has demonstrated that the waters are not part of Russia’s sea territory,” the statement said. The US would also continue to fly and go at sea where international law allows – regardless of attempts to claim more territory. “The United States will never bow to intimidation.” There have also been cases in the air in the past in which aircraft of the Russian and US air forces came dangerously close.

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