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Going for a walk is okay, but nothing more: Ice hockey professional Janik Möser survived Covid-19, but is now doomed to watch with an inflammation of the heart muscle. The 25-year-old says he was “lucky” that the life-threatening disease was discovered at all. When Janik Möser found out about the findings, the shock was deep: myocarditis, probably in connection with a coronavirus infection. But the shock of the serious diagnosis quickly gave way to the defender of the Grizzlys Wolfsburg from the German Ice Hockey League (DEL) to go public and as a pioneer to the danger of Covid-19 and its possible complications for young athletes do.

“My course with the virus and my current problems clearly show that the disease shouldn’t be taken lightly. That’s one of the reasons why I decided to talk about it openly. Of course, we professional athletes are fit, but it can meet us too, “emphasized Möser.

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The 25-year-old was just “lucky” that the so-called myocarditis was recognized after a cardio-MRI by a specialist in Berlin. “This is a significant finding because heart muscle inflammation is one of the triggers in competitive athletes that could ultimately trigger sudden cardiac death if you overlook it,” said Wolfsburg’s team doctor Axel Gänsslen in a digital media panel: “We had to react accordingly.” Möser had already tested positive for the corona virus in October. Although he is currently symptom-free, he will only be able to return to the sport after a thorough examination planned for January at the earliest. He currently wears a heart rate monitor for 24 hours, which monitors his heart rate. Instead of playing ice hockey, Möser goes for a “leisurely” walk every day to keep his pulse as low as possible.

Back on the field with an algorithm?

Möser’s disease course serves as an example that carelessness in dealing with the coronavirus can have serious consequences. Grizzly team doctor Gänsslen has worked intensively with the DEL on the possible courses and secondary diseases after Covid-19. “The goal from the beginning was that we proceed as uniformly as possible and that our 14 clubs can behave accordingly,” said Jörg von Ameln, DEL’s head of gaming: “The coming season in particular will demand a lot from us in this regard.”

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The result is an algorithm for return-to-play after Covid 19 disease in competitive sports. “We have carried out an extension based on individual experience and based on current literature, since clinical minimal signs of cardiac muscle involvement in particular are becoming increasingly important,” said Gänsslen: “We are now very well positioned with this algorithm from our point of view.” In addition, the DEL announced that a telephone conference had also been held with experts from handball and basketball, as well as with a sports cardiologist: “We have already included the algorithm in our guidelines. This guideline serves as a recommendation for all clubs.” In any case, Möser has for his courageous step to speak publicly about his illness “only received positive feedback from people in the league, who wrote to me that the case has opened the eyes of some people and that many are now taking the issue more seriously. ” And thus achieved his goal.

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