Chase DT out of the white house – contradicted the President – Trump is targeting his Justice Minister


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Foto: picture alliance/dpa
Even a month after the election, US President Trump clings to his baseless allegations of massive election fraud. He is even more annoyed that he was recently contradicted by his own Justice Minister. But he wants to hold on to him – for now. After the direct contradiction with a view to alleged electoral fraud, the incumbent US President Donald Trump has left open whether he wants to hold on to Justice Minister William Barr. „He hasn’t done anything yet,“ Trump said on the sidelines of a ceremony in the White House.

46 minutes of fraud allegations Trump: „Most important speech I have ever given“

If Barr looked, he would find evidence of election fraud, Trump went on to claim. „They didn’t look closely, which is – to be honest – a disappointment because it is massive fraud.“ When asked by a reporter whether he still trusts Barr, Trump said, „Ask me that in a few weeks.“ The Republican incumbent has still not admitted his loss to Joe Biden and continues to claim that his Democratic challenger won the November 3rd election because of massive fraud. Attorney General Barr said in an interview on Tuesday that he had not seen any evidence of fraud to the extent that could have led to a different election result.

Another setback in Wisconsin

Barr is considered a close ally of Trump. The President has not yet given up his attempts to turn the election result in his favor with a wave of lawsuits. However, US courts have already thwarted numerous lawsuits. Trump now reiterated his accusation that the election was „probably the most fraudulent“ ever. US authorities said the vote was the safest in American history.

Trump party ignores pandemic Biden warns of 250,000 more corona deaths in the USA

Meanwhile, Trump suffered another setback. The Wisconsin Supreme Court declined to try a lawsuit attempting, among other things, to get Trump’s attorneys to disregard more than 220,000 postal ballots. Even if the court is empowered to deal with the lawsuit, it is a matter of dispute that should be heard by the lower courts, one of the judges said in the decision. Wisconsin has already officially confirmed the results of the presidential election with the victory of Trump’s challenger Joe Biden in the state. Of the roughly three million votes cast, Biden received a good 20,000 more than the Republican incumbent.

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