Biden urges citizens to stay home – – today


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In a new Twitter video, future US President Joe Biden and future First Lady Jill Biden talk about their changed Thanksgiving. They are reminding Americans that while the celebrations are more isolated this year, it will help keep Americans safe. “This year we’ll be staying at our dining table in Delaware with just a small group,” said Biden of his canceled family trip. “The little act of staying at home is a gift to our fellow Americans.” Biden continued, “It is a personal sacrifice that each of our families can and should make in order to save someone else’s life.” Finally, the next president urged US citizens to come together on this holiday. “We may not be able to sit around the table with our loved ones, but we can come together as a nation,” he said.

Trump’s new favorite YouTube channel blocked
Further trouble for Donald Trump: Youtube said it had banned the right-wing One America News Network (OAN) from posting new videos for a week. The reason: OAN had violated the content rules of the website, one post had claimed that there was a guaranteed corona cure. Trump has chosen the station as his new favorite station for a long time. A spokeswoman for Youtube said OAN had also been banned from monetizing its videos due to repeated violations of the Covid-19 guideline for misinformation. President Trump tweeted OAN this month as a “great alternative” to Fox News, after all, the broadcaster is spreading unsupported claims of election fraud. The now removed OAN video had touted hydroxychloroquine, a malaria drug touted by Trump, as a Covid cure despite the lack of scientific evidence.

OAN disinforms about Corona How Trump’s favorite station is lying to the USA

Biden’s reality and Trump’s fantasies collide on Thanksgiving
In this strange interregnum, the period between Joe Biden’s victory and Donald Trump’s departure, the Lame Duck president and the future president have taken remarkably, if not surprisingly, different paths before and on Thanksgiving. CNN analyzes the situation as follows: Trump tweeted his frustration from his soul and still drowned in his delusion to win back a presidency that was disappearing from his grasp with every passing day. He vacillates between complaint and fantasies without thinking about the destruction on his way. Biden, who operates in the world as it exists, has conscientiously built the next government. And in the two days since a Trump appointee began the formal transition, Biden’s team has begun investigating the rusted screws of the beleaguered institutions he will inherit.

While Trump and his lawyer Rudy Giuliani in Pennsylvania tried to shake the established election result, around Thanksgiving, Biden soberly called for caution, unity and determination in view of the worsening Covid crisis. “This year our turkey will be smaller and the rattling pots will be a little quieter. There will be no family walks in the cold or playful arguments between grandchildren. Like millions of Americans, we are temporarily letting go of traditions that we cannot safely commit,” wrote Biden with his wife Jill on a CNN commentary.

​​”Sexual objects and gentlemen”: newspaper writes Trump’s concession speech
USA Today newspaper has a little joke. She published Trump’s concession speech should he ever decide that he has had enough of his fight against the election result. Of course the lyrics are a parody. “Sexual objects and gentlemen”, that is how the address begins. “I want to thank myself for being here,” continues the imaginary Trump. “It takes a lot of courage to appear on national television, which I have done very, many times, very strongly. I’m here today because I have an announcement that I want to announce.” First he would have beaten Hillary Clinton, now “Sleepy Joe” Biden, the newspaper continues to write for the president: “I got 72 million votes. Biden only has 306!” Nobody would have won a thing “so often” – and anyway: “Did I even mention that I got 720 million votes and Biden only got 36?” Ultimately, “USA-Today-Trump” got tired of winning so much and then handed over power to Biden: “I need some time for myself. I have to concentrate on TRUMP.”

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