Biden emphasizes in an interview: – “No third Obama term in office” – – today


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About three weeks after his election, future US President Joe Biden gave his first TV interview. When asked about the many familiar faces in his cabinet, the Democrat said on NBC: “This won’t be a third Obama term in office.” The world has changed a lot since the end of the Obama era, Biden said with regard to his presidency. “Trump has completely changed the political landscape.” His focus is mainly on reuniting the country, said Biden with regard to the first 100 days in office. The Democrat did not even rule out the nomination of a Republican who had voted for Trump when asked. Biden had served then-President Barack Obama as vice president for eight years.

03:30 Biden dampens Warren and Sander’s hopes for government posts
Will Elizabeth Warren and Bernie Sanders be part of the new US administration? An interview on NBC News with the future US president gives reason to believe that the two of the progressive Democrats could end up empty-handed. In it, Biden said that the two former Democratic presidential candidates were crucial to the further development of his progressive agenda in Congress and that there were already “important representatives” from the progressive camp in his administration. Nevertheless, in the end, Biden left the decision open: “Nothing is really off the table.”

Secret services are now allowed to write to Biden every day
After weeks of blockade, the elected US President Joe Biden can receive the daily briefing from the US secret services. There was a corresponding approval from the White House in the afternoon, said a spokesman for the office of the director of the US intelligence services on Tuesday (local time) on request. In the United States, it is customary for the elected president to be informed of the intelligence services’ findings on a daily basis before the inauguration in January – as is the incumbent. According to reporters present in Wilmington on Tuesday, Biden said he had not yet received a briefing but would receive it regularly in the future.

Kash Patel heads handover to the Biden government in the Pentagon
With Kash Patel, a loyal Trump supporter will lead the transition from the US Department of Defense to the future Biden administration. A Pentagon spokesman confirmed this. Patel, previously a senior counter-terrorism advisor on the National Security Council, joined the Pentagon two weeks ago after Trump fired Defense Secretary Mark Esper and other senior advisors and replaced them with followers. Patel had spread conspiracy ideas about the future US President Joe Biden several times in the past. First, CNN reported on Patel’s leadership role in the handover.

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