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“It’s a team that reflects the fact that America is back,” said Joe Biden as he introduces key positions in his new cabinet. The new team shows that, as in the election of his Vice President Kamala Harris, he continues to focus on diversity. There is also a very familiar face. President-elect Joe Biden and his candidates for key foreign and security policy posts in the future administration have emphasized America’s claim to leadership in the world. “It is a team that reflects the fact that America is back, ready to lead the world instead of withdrawing from it,” said Biden on Tuesday in Wilmington, clearly referring to the course of the United States under the administration of Republican Donald Trump . With its future government team, America is “ready to face our opponents instead of rejecting our allies, ready to stand up for our values”. In the presence of the elected Vice President Kamala Harris, Biden introduced six members of his foreign and security policy team, four of whom have to be approved by the US Senate. They stand for “experience and leadership, fresh thinking and new perspectives”. Biden’s longtime advisor Antony Blinken is nominated as US Secretary of State, Alejandro Mayorkas, who was born in Cuba, is nominated as Secretary of Homeland Security, Avril Haines is to become director of the US secret services and Linda Thomas-Greenfield is the US ambassador to the United States United Nations represented in New York.

Biden has appointed former Secretary of State John Kerry as special envoy on climate issues and Jake Sullivan is to be his national security advisor. “We cannot solve all of the world’s problems alone, we have to work with other countries. We need your help, we need your partnership,” said Blinken. Thomas-Greenfield said, “America is back. Multilateralism is back. Diplomacy is back.”

First woman as head of the secret service

Haines said she knew that Biden and Harris put their crew together not in their own interests but in the interests of the American people. Haines said of herself that she had never shied away from telling the truth to those in power. Biden valued the perspective of the secret services and would do so if what was reported to him was “inconvenient or difficult”.

Biden lost around two weeks under time pressure when he took office

The 78-year-old Democrat Biden called on the US Senate to initiate the necessary confirmation process of his candidates and to hear them immediately. He also expressed hope for bipartisan cooperation to advance and unite the country. Leading Republicans in the US Congress have not yet recognized Biden – like incumbent Trump – as elected president. The transition process before the change of government in the White House can now officially begin after a week-long blockade. Biden welcomed a corresponding decision by the responsible authority GSA on Monday.

Joe Biden is excited to start the transition process

“I am pleased to have received assurance from the GSA that the transfer of power will be smooth and peaceful,” said Biden. His employees could now prepare for the upcoming challenges such as the corona pandemic. Biden wants to reverse Donald Trump’s policies from day one. Above all, he wants to return to important international agreements such as the Paris Climate Agreement, which Biden can initiate by decree after the inauguration planned for January 20. Speaking of climate change, Kerry said, “To end this crisis, the whole world must come together.” He supported Biden in his request to return to the Paris climate agreement on day one of his presidency, which was not enough, however. Kerry appealed to the international community to be ambitious at the UN Climate Change Conference in Glasgow in November 2021. “Otherwise we will all fail together and failure is not an option.”

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