Long-Term-Care Residents and Health Workers Should Get Vaccine First, C.D.C. Panel Says


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Georgia and Michigan Deliver Blows to Trump’s Efforts to Undo the Election

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Joseph R. Biden Jr. was cer­ti­fied as the win­ner in Geor­gia, and Michi­gan Repub­li­cans said they had no infor­ma­tion that would change the tal­ly in a state Mr. Biden also won.

States Vow Extra Scrutiny of Coronavirus Vaccine

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Spe­cial com­mit­tees, most­ly in Demo­c­ra­t­ic-led states, will seek to reas­sure the pub­lic that an F.D.A.-approved vac­cine is safe and effec­tive amid doubts about the Trump administration’s virus response.

Behind Trump’s Yearslong Effort to Turn Losing Into Winning

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Even before he was elect­ed in 2016, Don­ald J. Trump was build­ing a con­spir­a­cy the­o­ry about vot­er fraud that took on new ener­gy this year, as his polit­i­cal for­tunes ebbed dur­ing the coro­n­avirus pan­dem­ic.

With Trench Warfare Deepening, Parties Face Unsettled Electoral Map

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Vot­ers deliv­ered a con­vinc­ing vic­to­ry for Joe Biden, but a split deci­sion for the two par­ties. Now Democ­rats and Repub­li­cans face per­haps the most up-for-grabs elec­toral land­scape in a gen­er­a­tion.

Missing From State Plans to Distribute the Coronavirus Vaccine: Money to Do It


The gov­ern­ment has sent bil­lions to drug com­pa­nies to devel­op a coro­n­avirus shot but a tiny frac­tion of that to local­i­ties for train­ing, record-keep­­ing and oth­er costs for vac­ci­nat­ing cit­i­zens.

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