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Jackson: With Broncos reeling, now’s the time to determine who actually wants to be in Denver


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Los­ing stinks. No one likes it. Pro­fes­sion­al ath­letes espe­cial­ly. But every ath­lete has to deal with it.

The ques­tion for the ath­lete becomes, how do you deal with los­ing? Do you learn from it? Does it strength­en your resolve? Does it make you bet­ter?

Or does it break you?

These Bron­cos are grap­pling with such ques­tions as we speak. The rea­sons for the 3–6 record are man­i­fold, and it’s easy to pass blame around. But the only thing a play­er can do in this sit­u­a­tion is look in the mir­ror and ask, “What can I do to help?” The answer is sim­ple: your job.

Much is out of your con­trol as an NFL play­er. The game plan. The sched­ule. The play-call­ing. The oth­er guys they bring in to take your job. None of these things are worth your ener­gy, and all of them, when dwelled upon, can take you out of your game.

There is an instinct, when times are tough, to start pro­tect­ing what you believe are your own inter­ests. To look out for No. 1, so to speak. But this is not ten­nis. This is foot­ball. Your inter­ests are the team’s inter­ests. If you get brand­ed a los­er, it can stick with you for the rest of your career. That’s why it is in everyone’s best inter­est to right the ship. If it sinks, every­one goes down.

My old offen­sive coor­di­na­tor with the Bron­cos, Gary Kubi­ak, used to tell us on the eve of the last pre­sea­son game, when many of us were fac­ing immi­nent cuts: “If it doesn’t work out here, there are 31 oth­er teams who will be watch­ing. Leave every­thing you have on that field. The tape lives for­ev­er.”

This holds true to reg­u­lar-sea­son games as well. The team may lose but your qual­i­ty of play will be clear to any­one who watch­es the film. Did you quit on your team? Or did you fight until the end? Were you part of the rea­son things went bad? Or were you a bright spot?

This is what the Bron­cos need to find out: Who can be relied upon and who must be cut loose?

At this point last sea­son, the Mia­mi Dol­phins were 2–7 after start­ing 0–7. Many advo­cat­ed they should “tank” in order to get a more favor­able draft pick. Head coach Bri­an Flo­res took anoth­er route, choos­ing instead to try and build a win­ning cul­ture — to find out who would weath­er the storm like pro­fes­sion­als and put in the work day in, day out.

The Dol­phins fin­ished the sea­son 5–11 and car­ried that momen­tum into a 6–3 record this sea­son, sur­pris­ing every­one in the league but them­selves.

It isn’t just the quar­ter­back who needs to be eval­u­at­ed — it’s every man on the ros­ter. So who wants to be here? And how bad to you want it?

Nate Jack­son is a for­mer wide receiver/tight end for the Bron­cos who lives in Den­ver. He works part-time for 104.3 FM The Fan.

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K30fTTrOZsQ - Jackson: With Broncos reeling, now’s the time to determine who actually wants to be in Denver

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