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Getting Bradley Chubb’s pass-rush game restarted should be priority for Broncos’ defense

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The Bron­cos’ run defense, which allowed 92 and 203 yards in the past two weeks, has been a jus­ti­fi­able talk­ing point head­ing into Sunday’s game against Mia­mi.

But Bron­cos coach/defensive play-caller Vic Fan­gio should have spent time this week on anoth­er press­ing issue: Get­ting out­side line­backer Bradley Chubb restart­ed. Chubb was kept off the score­card entire­ly in loss­es to Atlanta and Las Vegas. No pres­sures. No knock­downs. No sacks.

“We have to do a bet­ter job over­all on first and sec­ond down of get­ting into some more third downs,” Fan­gio said Fri­day. “Last week, there real­ly weren’t a lot of throws, but Bradley has been get­ting close.”

Kind of, sort of.

Atlanta and Las Vegas both went 6‑of-13 on third down against the Bron­cos. Fal­cons quar­ter­back Matt Ryan was 5‑of-10 pass­ing on third down (five con­ver­sions, includ­ing two touch­downs), and Raiders quar­ter­back Derek Carr was 6‑of‑9 pass­ing (four con­ver­sions).

The Raiders and Fal­cons com­bined for 69 total drop-backs, which squash­es the Bron­cos’ nar­ra­tive that falling behind has led to oppo­nents ful­ly com­mit­ting to the run­ning game. Per The Den­ver Post’s game chart­ing, Chubb had 58 pass rush­es against Atlanta and Las Vegas.

Against Atlanta (31 pass rush­es), he lined up at right out­side line­backer on every pass rush snap. He was dou­ble-teamed four times and chip-blocked three times. Against Las Vegas (27 pass rush­es), he was at right out­side line­backer on 21 plays, used as an inte­ri­or rush­er on six plays and lined up at left out­side line­backer on two plays. He was dou­ble-teamed five times and chip-blocked twice.

Fan­gio switched things up at Las Vegas in an effort to get Chubb going. On the inte­ri­or pass rush­es, Chubb lined up over the left and right guards.

“That was my first time down there this sea­son and those guys didn’t know what to expect from me or what was com­ing,” he said. “Just being able to run those ‘games’ with the ends and me being able to switch roles and set the pick, it was a cool expe­ri­ence. Hope­ful­ly, I get some more oppor­tu­ni­ties.”

The pro­duc­tion when Chubb has received pass-rush­ing oppor­tu­ni­ties has been hit and miss. His sea­son can be divid­ed into three parts.

Part 1 (Games 1–2): No sacks and 2 1/2 total dis­rup­tions (1 1/2 knock­downs and one pres­sure). The Bron­cos went 0–2.

Part 2 (Games 3–7): A whop­ping 14 1/2 total dis­rup­tions (5 1/2 sacks, four knock­downs and five pres­sures). The Bron­cos went 3–2.

Part 3 (Games 8–9): Noth­ing cook­ing. The Bron­cos went 0–2.

The cor­re­la­tion is easy to see. When Chubb cre­ates chaos, the Bron­cos win.

“Some­times (get­ting shut out) hap­pens on a week-to-week basis, but we’re good with the way (Chubb) is rush­ing and con­fi­dent he’ll get home at some point,” Fan­gio said.

Said Chubb: “I can’t get frus­trat­ed about it. It’s the way the game is going to be played so you have to go out there and change it. Go out there and do some­thing about it. As a rush­er, I need to get my hands up and pre­vent those quick throws and maybe make a move a lit­tle bit quick­er. What­ev­er it takes to give that 1% more, I’m going to try and do that the rest of the sea­son.”

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fHC0Sd 1TEw - Getting Bradley Chubb’s pass-rush game restarted should be priority for Broncos’ defense

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